Kelley Keehn

Kelley Keehn, Financial Expert and Media Darling

When Edmonton-based financial expert Kelley Keehn couldn’t find a publisher for her first book, The Prosperity Factor for Women, she made a decision to publish it herself. She was convinced that she had a perspective on financial management that “needed to be told.” She decided to self publish her first book because, “without a publisher’s support, it was the only other option I knew of at the time.” She had no idea then how right this decision turned out to be.

The success of her self published book in March 2005, resulted in Insomniac Press selecting her next six books for publication including her newest book THE Money Book slated for publication March 2011.  But finding a publisher for her books is not the best part of Kelley’s story. The best part of her story is that, in addition to being right about the interest in her financial perspective, along the way she also became a media darling.