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Lucinda Chodan New Editor-in-Chief of The Edmonton Journal

Lucinda Chodan is the new editor in chief at the Edmonton Journal a position she held previously the Victoria Times Colonist. Before that, she spent 20 years at the Montreal Gazette where she was involved in the startup of several new sections, including Woman News, a section of particular interest to female readers; eXpress, for young people; and Weekender, a Saturday leisure and lifestyles section. She began her daily newspaper career at the Edmonton Sun, where she worked as an entertainment reporter.

Rupert Murdoch Launches iPad Only Daily Newspaper

On February 2, 2011 Apple and Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation launched the Daily, an iPad newspaper that will cost 99 cents a week. It will not dominate the digital news market the way iTunes came to rule the digital music market. But it sets a disruptive precedent or two.

The Daily is a mixture of the newfangled and the old-fashioned. It has whizzy graphics, including video and “360-degree” pictures. Sport fans can receive the twitterings of their favourite players. Unlike most websites, though, the Daily is available only in America. It features outmoded things such as editorials and paid reporters. Although it can be updated to take in breaking news, it is primarily a daily, not an hourly.

In one sense it is a trailblazer. The Daily is the first product to offer recurring subscriptions through Apple’s store. So far most publishers have been obliged to sell single issues of newspapers and magazines on the iPad. As a result, sales are erratic: Wired, a technology magazine with a beautiful app, sold 100,000 digital copies last June but just 24,400 in December. The Daily’s sales model is better than that. But not much better.

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