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Richard Stursberg’s controversial tenure at CBC

You wouldn’t have cared about Richard Stursberg if he’d been in charge of a sheet metal factory. If he’d been known to be mean to people who make muffins. But he was the vice-president of English Services at cbc. He was the guiding force of, as he described it himself, “the largest and most influential cultural organization in the country.” He was the pilot of the last flying fortress of Canadianism. And plenty of alert and reasonable people were pretty sure he was steering it straight toward the edge of a cliff. See the rest of the article published in The Walrus Magazine, November 2010.

Alberta TV Station Profile: Sun TV News Network to Launch April 18, 2011

SunTV News logoQuebecor, a Montreal based communications company chaired by former PM Brian Mulroney, is set to launch the Sun TV News Network on April 18, 2011. The conservative all-news channel is hoping to replicate the success of the Fox News Network in the US, News Corporation property owned by a Rupert Murdoch.

Sun News will go beyond the headlines and to cover the full range of stories that impact our society, our democracy and our economy – using a format that has attracted viewers in Quebec, the United States and further abroad.

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