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CTV Expands Its Local Newcasts in Alberta

CTV Television Stations in AlbertaThis fall three of four television networks in Canada are expanding their local newscasts in Alberta. First out of the gate is CTV. On August 29, 2011, they rebranded their A Channels across Canada and ACCESS TV in Alberta under the banner of CTV Two. The debut of the new channel was strategically timed to coincide with the launch of the network in high definition. They converted ACCESS from analog to digital none too soon. As of September 1, the digital conversion of all over the air television stations in Canada mandated by the CRTC, and thus the digital conversion of ACCESS, made it impossible for viewers without a cable provider to receive the station’s signal over the air.

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ACCESS TV in Alberta Rebranded as CTV Two

CTV Two AlbertaOn August 29, Bell Media rebranded its A-Channels under the CTV Two banner including stations in Vancouver/Victoria, Toronto/Barrie, London, Windsor, Ottawa and Atlantic as well as CIAN in Calgary and CJAL in Edmonton typically referred to as Access TV. Two days later CTV Two began broadcasting in HD, the day before the transition from analog to digital was mandated to be completed by the CTRC. As of September 1, 2011, CTV has discontinued operating CIAN and CJAL citing costs for the digital conversion as too high for the limited revenue the station is able to generate as a condition of its licence.

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CRTC Renews Licences of English-language Television Services

Canadian Radio & Television CommissionToday, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) renewed the licences of all English-language television services operated by Rogers Media until 2014, and the licences of the services operated by Bell Media, Corus Entertainment and Shaw Media until 2016. Over the next five years, Bell Media, Corus Entertainment and Shaw Media must allocate at least 30 per cent of gross annual revenues to the production of Canadian programs. They must also direct at least 5 per cent of these expenditures to finance programs of national interest, with the exception of Corus Entertainment who will have to allocate at least 9 per cent of gross annual revenues.

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ACCESS Television in Alberta to Rebrand as CTV Two

ACCESS TVAccess (styled ACCESS) is a privately owned educational television channel in the province of Alberta owned by Bell Media. The channel is primarily designated as “satellite-to-cable undertaking” serving the whole of Alberta, and is therefore carried throughout the province on cable, but it also operates two terrestrial transmitters, CJAL-TV (channel 9) in Edmonton, where the channel’s main studios are located, and CIAN-TV (channel 13) in Calgary. Access is also available on the Bell TV satellite service on Channel 267, and on Shaw Direct Channel 351. Access airs a variety of educational and informative programs along with entertainment programs all of which include children’s programs, documentaries, feature films, talk shows, dramas, comedies and more. Since August 2008, Access has aired programming from Bell’s secondary television system A (and additionally modified its branding to more closely resemble A’s), while maintaining its educational mandate. On June 8, 2011, alongside the announcement of additional news programming at CTV’s Edmonton station, it was revealed that Access would be re-launched (as part of Bell Media’s rebranding of the A system  as CTV Two in the fall of 2011

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The Edmontonian is now broadcasting Local news and events in Edmonton on ShawTV. Jeff Samsonow, content director and show host and Sally Poulsen, creative director and producer, premiered the third episode I caught  on Sunday, May 22 at 9:00pm with a theme called “Spring.” (Their first episode “firsts” aired May 1, 2011.) In the third episode, Jeff hosted the show that included an indepth look at storm sewers (did you know that there are 2,335 km of storm sewers running through Edmonton?), a romp around the pedway at the Legislature demonstrating various physical exercises with a trainer from Defining Eve (did you know that there are 3 health loops and 10 exercise stations throughout the pedway?), a stroll through Whyte Avenue with a chat with Ken Fiske of Edmonton Economic Development on the Fringe Festival, a peak at the new SOS Festival that had launched the previous year when ended up in a discussion about the many emerging winter festivals and the recently announced Metropolis Festival.

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