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Alberta Newspaper > Lethbridge Herald by Alta Publishing Group

Lethbridge HeraldAlberta had sported its status as a Canadian province for just over two months when the Lethbridge Herald first appeared. It was autumn 1905 and Lethbridge was a mining town of about 3,000 people already being served by the Lethbridge News, which had just begun daily publication after 20 years as a weekly paper.  Two Cranbrook men, Fred E.Simpson and A.S. Bennett, introduced the Lethbridge Weekly Herald, which published its first issue Nov. 8, 1905.  Its first home was in a building that used to house a Chinese laundry on what is now 5 Street South.

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Alberta Newspaper > The Brooks Bulletin, A Family Run Business with a Heart for the Community

Brooks Bulletin Alberta NewspaperThe Brooks Bulletin is an independent weekly newspaper published in Brooks, Alberta since 1910. At that time, the population of the hamlet of Brooks was growing as business interests started up grocery and hardware stores, lumber yards and rooming houses. The residents incorporated the hamlet as a village named after CPR employee Noel Edgel Brooks. Businessmen wanted to attract the business of the homesteaders so they formed a Board of Trade and elected E.O. (Bert) Coultis as editor to start up a newspaper for circulation throughout the area. Coultis solicited advertising, wrote general news items and then had the paper printed in Medicine Hat.

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Alberta Newspaper > The Jasper Fitzhugh

Jasper Fitzhugh Alberta NewspaperIn the summer of 2005, a group of friends gathered with the idea of creating an independent, locally-owned newspaper that would represent the needs, issues and ideas of their community. They believed the community of Jasper was ready to be represented by a locally-owned, politically-independent weekly paper. At that time, Sun Media was publishing the Jasper Booster, a weekly newspapers published in Jasper since 1963. The result of the efforts to publish a locally-owned weekly newspaper is the Fitzhugh. The goal of the Fitzhugh is to present news and comment that is timely and reflects readers’ values and lives. At the Fitzhugh you’ll find fresh and innovative reporting from our energetic and qualified staff.

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Alberta Newspaper > The Taber Times, The First Offset Print Newspaper in Western Canada

The Taber Times NewspaperThe Taber Times is a community newspaper published every Wednesday by the Alta Newspaper Group Limited Partnership. Besides The Taber Times, this group includes four other community newspapers in Southern Alberta, the Coaldale Sunny South News, the Vauxhall Advance, the Bow Island County Commentator and the Lethbridge Sun Times; two daily newspapers, the Lethbridge Herald and the Medicine Hat News and two specialty farm publications, the Prairie Post and the Prairie Post West. With a paid, weekly circulation of 3,322 copies per issue, The Times serves the town of Taber as well as the villages and hamlets within the Municipal District of Taber. 

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Alberta Newspaper > Consort Enterprise, the First Newspaper in Alberta to be Operated by a Woman

Consort Enterprise NewspaperThe Consert Enterprise published weekly in Consort, Alberta reports an interesting history. As the west opened up following the turn of the 20th century, rail lines snaked their way across the prairies and little villages sprung up along these lines. They usually had a hotel or ‘stopping house’, cafe, livery barn, blacksmith, general store, hardware, bank, pool room, barber and a weekly newspaper. By the fall of 1912, the steel had reached Consort and on December 12th, 1912, the first copy of The Consort Enterprise was printed on equipment still on the flatcar at the station. Mr. Henry Oke had brought the necessary presses, cases of type, a stone and other articles from Foam Lake, Saskatchewan. He walked up town and distributed this single sheet among the people in the stores and on the streets.

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