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Alberta Website > – Winner of Digital Alberta’s Best Digital Philanthropy Innovation Award

ATB Cares Alberta, powered by Calgary-based software provider, Benevity, is the first branded giving site from a financial institution in North America where people can easily give to their causes of choice and access real-time matching funds. Benevity won the Digital Alberta’s Best Digital Philanthropy Innovation award for its work on, a branded giving site launched by ATB Financial that enables people to easily make donations of any amount to any registered charity in Canada and to receive real-time matching funds for thousands of causes that align with the bank’s community investment goals.

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Alberta Website > Alberta Music Industry Association at

Alberta Music Industry AssociationWhile researching a project for a client so I could design a Facebook campaign for an upcoming event, I was rewarded for my efforts when I came across the website for the Alberta Music Industry Association. Not only is it fresh, clean and inviting, it includes an very well presented online directory of musicians, recording studios, venues, sound and publicity services and related businesses in Alberta. The directory is fully searchable by artist, by specific industry e.g. recording studio, CD manufacturing, publicity, etc. , by venue and by festival. If you select the venue category you are directed to a short informational listing on each of the major music venues in Alberta such as location, venue size, sound system details and contact information. If you select the festival category, you are directed to a page that includes listings on the major music festivals in Alberta. 

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Alberta Website Spotlight: — More Questions Than Answers

Edmonton Stories WebsiteEdmontonians are asking a lot of questions about the viability of, a joint venture between the City of Edmonton and Edmonton Economic Development Corporation (EEDC). The site built by Edmonton-based Parcom Marketing cost $1.3 million to launch in 2009, $778,000 to run in 20120 and $600,000 in 2011. Edmonton Economic Development pitched in $500,000 for the startup. In 2010, the Canadian Taxpayer’s Federation nominated the site for a Teddy Award for wasteful spending citing the millions poured into the website is too much to spend on a website. “The cost of this thing is extraordinary,” says the federation spokesperson Scott Hennig. Many others, including myself, agree.

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