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Alberta Podcast > CJSR Radio on The Future of News Gathering, Reporting and Dissemination

Alberta Podcast CJSRCJSR Radio’s June 2012 Podcast “The CJSR Edition”  follows up on the announcement that three Postmedia outlets in Canada, including the Edmonton Journal, the Calgary Herald and the Ottawa Citizen suspended the production of their Sunday paper as of July 1, 2012. The 60 minute podcast weaves a picture of the contemporary landscape and the future prospects of print media in Canada with the help of interviews with the Edmonton Journal‘s Editor-in-Chief, Lucinda Chodan, Carleton University’s Director of Journalism and Communications Christopher Waddell, Karen Unland, project coordinator of the Edmonton Journal’s media lab program and Paul Blinov, arts and film editor for Edmonton’s alternative weekly newspaper, Vue Magazine.

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Alberta Podcast of Interest: Innovation Anthology

Alberta podcast of interestInnovation Anthology: Canada’s Voice of Innovation is about “Celebrating Discovery and the Inventive Spirit” and profiles Canadian science, research and invention. Award winning broadcaster Cheryl Croucher talks to scientists and innovators across the country, bringing you the latest in Canadian ingenuity. As a writer and broadcaster, Cheryl Croucher brings over thirty years of media experience to Innovation Anthology.  Cheryl was born in Edmonton and graduated from the University of Alberta with a BA (Special) in Political Science and Sociology. During her fifteen years with CBC Radio, Cheryl worked both behind the scenes and on-air in Radio Current Affairs.  On air, Cheryl built a strong reputation as a nationally syndicated consumer commentator and later became well known as CBC Radio’s first environment commentator.

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I am Marilyn Jones, a news junkie with a penchant for publishing, politics, communications, gardening, hiking, reading, the arts and training nonprofit organizations in media relations and social media communications in Alberta (BA in English with Honours, U of A; Master of Publishing, SFU)