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Alberta Podcast – “Let’s Find Out” Local History Podcast by Edmonton’s Historian Laureate

Lets-Find-OutLet’s Find Out is a monthly podcast produced by Edmonton’s Historian Laureate, Chris Chang-Yen Phillips. Each month, a question is posed from an Edmontonian about local history, and together they find out the answer. The podcast’s goals are to reflect Edmontonians’ culture and history back to them, showcase resources and skills available in the city to learn about local history, and demonstrate enthusiasm, curiosity, and open-mindedness in learning about history.

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Alberta Podcast – Dr. Jonathan White Offers Instructions for Medical Students and Patients Around the World

Surgery 101

photo by Curtis Corneau

With more than 200 episodes in the can, a cast of characters that ‌includes zombies and Muppets, and more than three million ‌downloads globally, from Portland to Pyongyang, the Surgery ‌101 podcast is an unlikely Edmonton success story. On top of its educational value, it turns out that Surgery 101 can help calm the nerves of people nervous about what their upcoming experience on the table has in store. And nobody is more surprised by that success than the man who started it. 

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All Ears: A Shared History of CKUA and CJSR to Air on January 5, 2014

CKUA Radio CJSR RadioAll Ears: A Shared History of CKUA and CJSR is the story, told by more than 25 of Alberta’s finest radio makers, of how public radio has come to hold a prominent and esteemed place as the true voice of Alberta’s diverse communities. Producers from both CJSR and CKUA joined forces to explore the connection between the two stations, in celebration of CJSR’s 30th anniversary.

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Alberta Podcast > Prairie Belles: Music, Theatre and Entertainment in Edmonton

Prairie Belles PodcastThe Prairie Belles Podcast began when local singer/songwriter Lisa Nicole Grace and local actress/theatre coach/booking agent Daneel Irons joined forces in 2010. Their combined knowledge of the music and theatre communities in Edmonton, along with their  passion for local arts, fueled the fire to start the podcast. Since then, the Prairie Belles have recorded more than 100 podcast episodes, featuring hundreds of local artists and bands, promoting events at almost every venue in town, and letting Edmonton know about exciting upcoming musical and theatre events.

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Alberta Podcast > CJSR Radio on The Future of News Gathering, Reporting and Dissemination

Alberta Podcast CJSRCJSR Radio’s June 2012 Podcast “The CJSR Edition”  follows up on the announcement that three Postmedia outlets in Canada, including the Edmonton Journal, the Calgary Herald and the Ottawa Citizen suspended the production of their Sunday paper as of July 1, 2012. The 60 minute podcast weaves a picture of the contemporary landscape and the future prospects of print media in Canada with the help of interviews with the Edmonton Journal‘s Editor-in-Chief, Lucinda Chodan, Carleton University’s Director of Journalism and Communications Christopher Waddell, Karen Unland, project coordinator of the Edmonton Journal’s media lab program and Paul Blinov, arts and film editor for Edmonton’s alternative weekly newspaper, Vue Magazine.

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