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Journalism Schools in Edmonton, Calgary and Lethbridge, Alberta

JournalismIf you’re interested in studying journalism, broadcast news or digital media production, there are numerous options right here in Alberta. Whether you look north or south, or to Alberta’s central region, there are excellent program opportunities that range from two year diplomas at colleges and technical institutes to four year degrees at universities, including the new four year Bachelor of Communication Studies Degree with a major in Broadcast Media Studies at Mount Royal University in Calgary, the only one available in western Canada.

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Blog Your News for NonProfit Organizations | St. Albert & Calgary | February 24 & March 2, 2016

Blogging for NonProfitsLearn to create a blog for your nonprofit organization and easily post your news, notices and special event announcements to Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks with very little extra time or effort. Blogging has been part of the media landscape for over a decade. From personal journals to big corporate marketing, the medium has matured to become a central role in communications. The power of blogging has been especially recognized by nonprofit organizations. Done well, blogging can serve as a hub for online communications.

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Build or Rebuild Your Website with WordPress for NonProfits | St. Albert & Calgary | February 10 & February 17, 2016

WordPress WorkshopThis workshop outlines the process of setting up a WordPress website, introduces you to the WordPress community, themes, plugins and amazing features and all of the essential concepts and knowledge you need to build or rebuild your website with the world’s most popular open source content management system. WordPress powers millions of blogs and websites. In this workshop you’ll learn how to create your own website with this powerful publishing platform.

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Media Publicity Workshop for NonProfits in St. Albert & Calgary | January 27 & February 3, 2016

Media Publicity WorkshopLearn to develop an annual media publicity plan to strategically communicate your messages to the media at the right time in the right way while persuading them to advocate for your cause. Good publicity is essential to the success of any organization and is especially crucial for nonprofits. Publicity can generate the kind of media exposure that leads to donations, grants, volunteers and the best board members imaginable. It can mean the difference between an organization that thrives and one that barely survives.

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Alberta Magazine Design, Sales and Cultural Magazine Intensives in Calgary and Edmonton in August and September

publishing intensivesJoin the Alberta Magazine Publishers Association (AMPA) for three magazine publishing intensives, two in Calgary — a Sales Intensive on August 18 and a Cultural/Small Magazine Intensive on September 13 and in Edmonton a Design Intensive: Revitalizing Your Magazine’s Design from Process to Cover on August 19. Workshops cost $200 for non-members, run from 10 to 4:30pm and include lunch.

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Marilyn Jones, Edmonton, Alberta ABOUT ME
I am Marilyn Jones, a news junkie with a penchant for publishing, politics, communications, gardening, hiking, reading, the arts and training nonprofit organizations in media relations and social media communications in Alberta (BA in English with Honours, U of A; Master of Publishing, SFU)