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Alberta media personality > Mike Zouhri, Publisher, Retailer and Humanitarian

Mike Zourhi, Edmonton, AlbertaMike Zouhri is the founder and CEO of SHAVE (a magazine promoting successful living to affluent males 25-40) which is one of the largest digital publications in the world, by readership numbers; and he has nearly tripled that figure over the last year now reaching between 60-75 million readers per month through expanded syndication deals with Microsoft owned MSN, and Pulse. He has successfully opened a luxury retail chain of stores, and in addition he has a long standing reputation as a world-class humanitarian leader and one of our most championed charity and community advocates.

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Media Profile > Ziyah Karmali, Entertainment Reporter for Breakfast TV Edmonton

Ziyah Karmali, EdmontonZiyah Karmali is an actress, model, reporter, athlete and fundraiser. She is also fully bilingual, academically accomplished and multi-talented. After graduating with her Bachelor’s Degree in Education from the University of Alberta in 2009 and completing her practicum, Ziyah signed a one-year contract to teach French immersion to a grade five class in Spruce Grove.
Because of her outstanding academic achievements, Ziyah received a full scholarship to pursue her Master’s in Education, which she plans to complete sometime in the next two years.

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Personality Profile > Nick Lees, a Fleet Street Journalist and a “Man of Certain Age”

Nick Lees, columnist Edmonton JournalNick Lees is a journalist, an adventurer, and a philanthropist, whose insightful writing has been a cornerstone of the Edmonton Journal for decades. In his new column, “Man of a Certain Age,” he tells it like it is—after two hip replacements and approaching  70—as he continues to travel to exotic places, run marathons, and cycle over mountain passes, more often than not in support of one charity or another. Lees also writes a weekly column called “Business Buzz” for the paper’s Business section, and a charity-focused human interest piece for the weekly City section.

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Alberta Media Personality > Jill Belland, On-Location Host of CityTV Calgary’s Breakfast Television

Jill Belland, On Location Host for CityTV's Breakfast Television Calgary Every morning Jill Belland dishes up a serving of Breakfast Television to Citytv audiences from the lively streets of Calgary. As BT Calgary’s On-Location Host, Jill can be seen scaling buildings with firefighters, feeding bats at the Zoo, and pole dancing her way to morning show glory. The excitement of performing, fast deadlines and having the opportunity to tell people’s unique stories, drove Jill towards a career in television. Jill got her start at Citytv by pouring coffee on the morning show after graduating from the University of Calgary in the Faculty of Communications and Culture with a concentration in Media Studies. Her hard working attitude earned her a job as a production assistant for the News Department. Jill has also delivered daily entertainment news segments on MTV Canada and was the host of Wired before returning to Citytv and joining the Breakfast Television gang as their On Location Host.

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Calgary-born Venture Communications CEO and co-star of CBC’s Gemini award-winning Dragons’ Den Arlene Dickinson to Receive Inaugural Award.

Arlene Dickinson CBCAlberta Women Entrepreneurs is recognizing the progressive and impactful contributions of female business-owners with the creation of the prestigious new Celebration of Achievement award; the only award of its kind in Alberta. The first recipient is Arlene Dickinson, CEO of Venture Communications and co-star of CBC’s Gemini award-winning Dragons’ Den. The award ceremony will take place on Thursday, May 3, 2012 at the Fairmont Hotel McDonald.

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Marilyn Jones, Edmonton, Alberta ABOUT ME
I am Marilyn Jones, a news junkie with a penchant for publishing, politics, communications, gardening, hiking, reading, the arts and training nonprofit organizations in media relations and social media communications in Alberta (BA in English with Honours, U of A; Master of Publishing, SFU)