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Alberta Media Personality: Russell Bowers, Host, CBC’s Daybreak Alberta

Russell Bowers CBCRussell been a broadcast journalist for nearly 25 years from St. John’s, NL to Prince Rupert, BC.  His work has been featured locally, regionally, and nationally on programs like The Current, Definitely Not the Opera, As It Happens and The Sunday Edition.  He’s had a variety of assignments from breaking news to award-nominated documentaries. 

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Big Brother Canada Host Arisa Cox Joins CHBN / 91.7 FM The Bounce in Edmonton

Arisa Cox The BounceArisa Cox joined Ara as co host of the new 91.7 The Bounce  morning show, airing weekdays from 6:00 to 10 a.m. “With her incredibly vibrant character, love of pop music and pop culture, Arisa brings a fresh, new savvy sound to the BOUNCE,” said Russell James, Program Director, 91.7 The BOUNCE. “With the combination of Arisa’s big personality and Ara’s quirky sense of humour, the two will breathe new life into Edmonton morning radio.”

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David Climenhaga: Candidate for St Albert City Council, Blogger and Community Builder

David According to the bio on his new, modern and very impressive election website: David Climenhaga currently serves as Chair of the Board of the St. Albert Public Library and he’s grateful to have been given the opportunity to play a leadership role in one of our community’s most popular and valuable public assets. He was particularly proud of the award-winning innovation and record use that have been the hallmark of the library’s service in the past couple of years. David has served as a volunteer member of the Board since 2008.

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Mike Ganley, 2013 Alberta Magazine Editor of the Year

Mike GanleyEditor of Alberta Venture since 2011, Mike Ganley engages with the issues facing Alberta’s business sector with immense energy. He has distinguished himself as a leader and collaborator, developing initiatives that have not only contributed to discussions in Alberta, but have launched them. Coming to Alberta via Ontario, Nova Scotia and the Northwest Territories, Mike possesses a deep understanding of national and regional issues, along with an exceptionally balanced outlook. He is a regular voice on business topics on television and radio, and is a respected contributor to Alberta Primetime, a current affairs television program on CTV Two Alberta, which addresses issues and ideas facing Alberta businesses, industries and leaders.

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Alberta Media Personality: Amber Marshall aka Amy Fleming from Heartland

Amber MarshallBorn and raised in London, Ontario now living in Calgary, Amber Marshall plays Amy Fleming on the popular TV series Heartland. Heartland is filmed in High River, Alberta and produced by SEVEN24 Films out of Calgary.  Amber, a former veterinary assistant who is passionate about all animals, has been riding since a very young age and says that the two things she loves the most ‘acting and horses’ have come together to create this dream role of Amy on the Heartland series.

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