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CBC Edmonton’s Charles Rusnell and Jennie Russell on Investigative Journalism and Alison Redford’s “Sky Palace” Takedown

alison-redfordIn early 2014, it seems many people had heard the rumour a private penthouse apartment was being built for then-premier Alison Redford at public expense. We [Charles Rusnell and Jennie Russell from CBC Edmonton’s Investigative Unit, this article’s authors] turned rumour into fact, and the story that became known as Redford’s “Skypalace” made national headlines. Under pressure from within her own caucus, Redford resigned as premier the week before the Skypalace documents were released to us. 

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Alberta Media Personality – Janet Dirks, Alberta Bureau Chief, CTV National News

dirks-janetAs Alberta Bureau Chief for CTV National News, Janet Dirks covers all major news breaking in the region. On any given day, she may pitch a story or be assigned a story, research, write, tape a segment, edit at the CTV station in Calgary or on the road, or do live hits when needed. Dirks’ career took a few twists and turns on her way to becoming a two-time Jack Webster Award-winning journalist. She completed an Honours history degree before completing a law degree at the University of Victoria and being called to the bar in 1987.

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Alberta Media Personality: Stella Stevens, CFCW’s Morning Host On Why Local Media Matters

Stella-Stevens“If you were to ask me why I love being in radio, my answer today would be very different than when I started more than 25 years ago. As a teenager, when I entered the business, it was the music that mattered to me most. I loved all types of music – rock, pop and country – and I thought: How cool would it be to sit around all day playing records and hanging out with rock stars?! Naturally, as one gets older, reality sets in. 

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Alberta Media Personality: Rosa Marchitelli, CBC’s Go Public Reporter Who Enjoys Righting the Wrongs

Rosa-MarchitelliRosa Marchitelli is the Calgary-based reporter for CBC’s award-winning segment Go Public. She is a native Calgarian, who grew up in the city’s Northwest, graduated from the University of Calgary with a B.A. in English and then from Ryerson University in Toronto with a B.A.A. in Journalism. She got her first broadcasting job at CBC Calgary and then moved on to become Vancouver CBC News Anchor as well as reporter and producer. While her career has taken Marchitelli across the country, she’s now back in her hometown. 

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Rosie Dransfeld: Searching for the Truth Behind the Curtain with a Camera and a Critical Eye

rosie-dransfeldEdmonton-based Gemini Award winning producer, director and writer Rosvita Dransfeld produces character-driven, cinema vérité feature documentaries. In a body of work that includes more than 300 short films and documentaries, the German-born filmmaker searches for ‘the truth behind the curtain’. She is dedicated to using cinema as a catalyst for social and political change and to writing, producing and directing powerful pieces of poetry on the human condition.

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