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CBC’s Claire Martin to Receive U of A Alumni Recognition Award

Claire Martin CBC EdmontonClaire Martin has epitomized the profession of meteorology in Canada, providing the highest level of weather forecasting and science presentation. As a senior meteorologist for CBC News, she is renowned for her weather reports and has become the national voice for all things weather related. Martin’s dedication to her profession has greatly improved the public’s understanding of the science of weather. Working with the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society, she was the driving force in the development of national broadcast standards for weather reporting. She also shares her expertise with numerous organizations, including the International Association of Broadcast Meteorologists, where she served as chair and vice-chair.  An avid educator, this former forecaster with Environment Canada helped create an award-winning weather unit for Alberta’s public school science curriculum, and she also helped run a weather broadcasting course for African nations with the World Meteorological Organization, a UN specialized agency.

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Marty Forbes: An Edmonton Broadcaster with Community Service Bred in the Bone

Marty Forbes Edmonton BroadcasterMarty Forbes comes from a family of broadcasters including two brothers, Jerry Jr and Gord, and their father, the indomitable Jerry Forbes Sr who founded Santa’s Anonymous in Edmonton in 1954. Ten years later after working up the ladder from an on-air announcer for CFRN to production manager of CHED in its formative years, the patriarch eventually rose to the position of CHED’s General Manager, a position he held for 24 years. Like his father and two brothers, Marty has spent his career in broadcasting as a writer, on–air performer, Operations Manager, Program Director and VP/GM. He has just ‘semi retired’ from the radio business but remains actively consulting media across the country. For the 17 years before his ‘semi-retirement’, he managed the Edmonton Astral operations, The Bear – EZ Rock and Team 1260 Radio.


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Shelley Youngblut: Calgary’s Swerve Magazine Rebel with a Cause

Shelley Youngblut Swerve Magazine CalgaryShelley Youngblut had a problem. How can I get people like me to feel they can do home improvement? She was working on art ideas for a cover story titled “What’s the Worst That Can Happen?” So, when the Swerve editor-in-chief saw someone dressed as Mike Holmes at a Halloween party, she thought, Wouldn’t it be funny to put him on the cover? She found a local impersonator. Perfect! But she didn’t stop there. What if Mike Holmes had a terrible disaster? What if he ended up with a nail in his head?

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Margaret Mardirossian: An Alberta Filmmaker Blazing a Trail from BC

Margaret Mardirossian: Alberta filmmakerA graduate of McGill University, Margaret Mardirossian founded Anaïd Productions in Edmonton, Alberta in 1993. Honoured four times as one of the world’s most influential independent production companies on Realscreen Magazine’s Global 100, Anaïd Productions produces award- winning, internationally recognized, top-rated factual and dramatic television series. Margaret has produced over 200 hours of television including five seasons of the Gemini award-winning series X-Weighted (Slice) and four seasons of both Gemini award-winning series Mentors (Family Channel) and Taking It Off (Life Network).

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Poll says Alberta’s Wildrose Alliance Within Striking Distance? Maybe, But Don’t Bet on It

Alberta PolticsHere in Manitoba, it takes a little longer for news from Alberta to make its way up the swollen Red River to Winnipeg, where the major story of the day is whether the town’s new NHL hockey team is to be named the delightfully retro Jets, or something new. So it was rather late when we learned the startling news that back in Alberta the Wildrose Alliance is within “striking distance” of the governing Conservatives, and according to a public opinion poll, no less. Well, maybe… But the poll on which these reports are based needs to be considered with caution, and quite possibly taken with the traditional grain of salt. There are many questions that must be answered about the poll before it can be taken seriously.

This post is from David Climenhaga, a well read political blogger from Alberta and this month’s featured media personality.

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