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Jill Belland: Dishing Up News at Breakfast Television in Calgary

Jill Belland Breakfast TV CalgaryEvery morning Jill Belland dishes up a serving of Breakfast Television to Citytv audiences from the lively streets of Calgary. As BT’s On Location Host, Jill can be seen scaling buildings with firefighters, feeding bats at the Zoo, and pole dancing her way to morning show glory. The excitement of performing, fast deadlines and having the opportunity to tell people’s unique stories, drove Jill towards a career in television. Jill got her start at Citytv by pouring coffee on the morning show after graduating from the University of Calgary in the Faculty of Communications and Culture with a concentration in Media Studies. Her hard working attitude earned her a job as a production assistant for the News Department. Jill has also delivered daily entertainment news segments on MTV Canada and was the host of Wired before returning to Citytv and joining the Breakfast Television gang as their On Location Host.

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Edmonton Native, Acclaimed Voiceover Actor Trevor Devall Returns On-Camera in “Big Time Movie”

tevorAfter a flourishing career in the voice-over industry spanning over 12 years, Edmonton-born Trevor Devall has returned to the on-camera world with the lead villain role in “Big Time Movie”. The film, an anticipated spin-off from Nickelodeon’s hit series, “Big Time Rush”, is currently airing on Nickelodeon. The award-winning Canadian actor plays Sir Atticus Moon, a multi-billionaire James-Bond-style villain (right down to the white suit and lap-cat) with an evil plan to rule the world. The film was shot in Vancouver and executive produced by BTR’s show creator Scott Fellows.

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Amber Bowerman: From Tragedy to Triumph

Amber Bowerman Calgary journalistThe Amber Bowerman Memorial Travel Writing Award offered by the Writers Guild of Alberta is in honour of Amber Bowerman a born-and-raised Calgary writer, editor and mentor to journalists. She wrote for many publications, including Avenue, Swerve, CalgaryInc and Alberta Venture. Amber’s first published stories appeared in the Calgary Herald and the Calgary Sun while she was still attending Lord Beaverbrook High School, where she shone as a primary contributor to the student newspaper The Beacon.  The Amber Webb-Bowerman Memorial Foundation (AWBMF) was established in the summer of 2008 to honour and preserve the memory of journalist Amber Michelle Bowerman (nee Webb) who was killed in a multiple murder-suicide by her landlord on May 27, 2008. The Amber Webb-Bowerman Memorial Foundation is a registered charity created to help fulfill her dreams by supporting emerging artists and journalists.

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Edmonton Sun’s Terry Jones Inducted into Hockey Hall of Fame

Terry Jones Edmonton Sun Sports WriterTerry Jones has been a sports columnist at the Edmonton Sun since 1982 and has been writing sports in Edmonton since 1967. Jones has covered more Olympics than any other Canadian journalist (16), well over 500 Stanley Cup playoffs games, 37 Grey Cups, 20 Super Bowls and Briers, and every Canada Cup/World Cup hockey tournament dating back to 1976. He’s written a dozen books including the first and last books of Wayne Gretzky’s career (The Great Gretzky and An Oiler Forever). He also wrote ’79 to 99′ published by The Sun. A Canadian Sports Media sportswriter of the year, Jones is in the sports media sections of both the Canadian Football Hall of Fame, Alberta Sports Hall of Fame and soon to be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame. Married to wife Linda, he’s father of sports writing son Shane and twin daughters Trina and Nicole. Watch Terry Jones’ presentation at TedX St Albert posted to YouTube this past November during which he regales the audience with some of his most interesting escapades over his length and laudable career.

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