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“Lost Years” Traces History of Chinese Diaspora on CBC August 20, 7 PM

Lost Years Poster CBC AlbertaCBC TV in Alberta and Saskatchewan will premiere LOST YEARS, an epic 2-part documentary mini series, this weekend on Saturday, August 20, 2011 at 7 p.m., as part of their Prime-time Summer Series. LOST YEARS traces 150 years of the Chinese diaspora from the earliest exodus of Chinese migrants abroad, much of it marked by racism, to the modern-day redress movements to acknowledge a hidden past. It follows the journey of filmmaker Kenda Gee and his father back to their ancestral village in Taishan, China. The mini series, written, directed, and produced by Kenda Gee and Tom Radford, was shot on location throughout China, Canada, the United States, New Zealand, and Australia, examining the great historical, economic and political realities of several eras. Based on over 12 years of research by Gee and Radford, initially through the National Film Board, the documentary has been two years in the making. 

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Calgary Filmmakers Ask What’s Your Future? in “The Future is Now” Documentary

The Future is Now Calgary DocumentaryIf Calgary has anything amounting to cinematic stars, Jim Brown and Gary Burns are sure to take the title. Burns has been responsible for intriguing movies including Waydowntown and The Suburbanators and partnered with Brown for the acclaimed film Radiant City. The two filmmakers are back at it with a new project, The Future is Now, which premieres on Friday, July 15 at The Uptown in Calgary with a Q and A with Burns. The film follows a cynical, but moral man labelled the Man of Today, who is wrangled into going on a search for enlightenment by an eager and optimistic journalist (as if those exist) labelled The Woman of Tomorrow. He chats with an impressive smattering of real-life philosophers and architects, artists and anarchists, in a bid to show him that the world is not doomed and that he should embrace, rather than shun, society.

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Edmonton’s Quon Dynasty to Air on Citytv Edmonton and Calgary This Fall

Quon Dynasty Edmonton TV SeriesThe Quon Dynasty, a tv series produced by of Anaid Productions with offices in Edmonton and Vancouver,  follows Canada’s favourite family of Chinese restaurateurs as they seek to solidify—and expand—their decades-old prominence on Edmonton’s chow mein scene at the Lingnan Restaurant. Inter-generational friction and deep-rooted sibling rivalry cause plenty of sparks (most of them hilarious), but abiding love and loyalty keep the family business moving (or occasionally lurching) forward. Canada first fell in love with the Quons on Anaïd Production’s award-winning series The Family Restaurant. Now, with a new title and a new broadcaster, excitement is building to see where their story takes us this year. No longer tied to food as an ever-present theme, this new series will expand our view of this amazing family.

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Local Film & TV Production Receives a Shot in the Arm with $2.8 Multimedia Development Fund

Alberta Film ProductionAs the Banff World Media Festival gets underway, local film and TV production has received a much-needed shot in the arm from Alberta’s provincial government. Alberta has unveiled another $2.8 million for its Multimedia Development Fund to bankroll local production and keep pace with film tax credits and other financial incentives on offer to indie producers in rival Canadian provinces.And the province has reduced the production fund from three to two streams, with local producers getting up to 30% of all production expenses covered by one of the streams and co-producers from outside provinces receiving 27% of expenses rebated as part of the second co-production or service production fund. The Alberta production fund is capped at $5 million.

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Edmonton’s Prairie Dog Productions “Blackstone” TV Series a Winner at the Leos

Edmonton, Alberta (June 14, 2011) — Prairie Dog Film + Television is pleased to announce that
Blackstone received two awards at the Leo’s this weekend:

  • Best Lead Performance by a Female in a Dramatic Series – Carmen Moore
  • Best Screenwriting in a Dramatic Series – Damon Vignale

“We’re very thankful, and would like to congratulate all the nominees and everyone who worked on
Blackstone,” says Executive Producer, Ron E. Scott, who attended the Leo Awards on Saturday
June 11th in Vancouver, and recently announced that the series has been ‘green lit’ for a second
season. Blackstone also won three awards at The Rosies (Best Production Reflecting Cultural Diversity,
Best Alberta Actress – Roseanne Supernault, Best Sreenwriter Drama Over 30), which were
handed out in Edmonton on May 28th.

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