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Alberta Book – Grant Notley: The Social Conscience of Alberta, Second Edition by University of Alberta Press

Grant-NotleyGrant Notley, leader of Alberta’s New Democratic Party from 1968 to 1984, stood out in Alberta politics. His goals, his personal integrity, his obvious dedication to social change, and his “practical idealism” made him the social conscience of Alberta. He bridged the old and the new; he provided the necessary hard work to ensure the continuation of a social democratic party in Alberta. Albertans felt intuitively that he represented a part of their collective being, and his untimely death in 1984 touched them deeply. Leeson’s new introduction recognizes Grant Notley’s significant contribution to the continuity and health of his party while acknowledging the important work of his daughter, Rachel Notley, who led the Alberta NDP to electoral victory in 2015. 

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Alberta Book – Fire Canoe: Prairie Steamboat Days Revisited by Ted Barris

Fire-CanoeThe story of steamboating in the Canadian West comes to life in the voices of those aboard the vessels of the waterways of the Prairies. Their captains were seafaring skippers who had migrated inland. Their pilots were indigenous people who could read the shoals, sandbars, and currents of Prairie waterways.Their operators were businessmen hoping to reap the benefits of commercial enterprise along the shores and banks of Canada’s inland lakes and rivers. Their passengers were fur traders, adventure-seekers, and immigrants opening up the West. All of them sought their futures and fortunes aboard Prairie steamboats, decades before the railways arrived and took credit for the breakthrough.

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Alberta Book – Crash to Paywall: Canadian Newspapers and the Great Disruption by Brian Gorman

Crash2PaywallSteeped in the daily brew of Canadian newsrooms for over 30 years, including the Toronto Star and Sun Media outlets, Brian Gorman has authored Crash to Paywall: Canadian Newspapers and the Great Disruption, a book the encapsulates his eye-witness viewpoint on events leading to the current state of Canadian Media. Gorman’s viewpoint is that of a copy editor, reporter, feature writer, movie and TV critic, middle manager and now journalism instructor at MacEwan University. He argues that in 2014, when Postmedia acquired Quebecor’s Sun Media newspaper and online assets, there was a sense that the recent history of newspapers was repeating itself not as comedy or tragedy, but as eulogy. 

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Alberta Book – The Typewriter: a Graphic History of the Beloved Machine by Janine Vangool

TypewriterA richly illustrated book full of never-before published typewriter memorabilia, intriguing historical documents and entertaining anecdotes, The Typewriter: a Graphic History of the Beloved Machine is a beautiful ode to an all-but-obsolete creative companion. The book is an oversized, 336-page, beautifully bound and curated publication with a hard cover, a beautiful dark linen cover wrap, a two-toned headband and the title stamped in gold foil on the spine. Financed by a large crowd-funding campaign, is filled with images of typewriter advertising, greeting cards, photos from popular culture and typed letters.

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Alberta Book: Sharon Pollock: First Woman of Canadian Theatre by University of Calgary Press

Sharon PollockSharon Pollock, born in 1936 in Fredericton, New Brunswick, is a Canadian playwright, actor, director, who moved to Calgary, Alberta in 1966 where she still resides. She has been Artistic Director of Theatre Calgary (1984), Theatre New Brunswick (1988–1990) and Performance Kitchen & The Garry Theatre, the latter which she herself founded in 1992. As playwright, actor, director, teacher, mentor, adjudicator, wordsmith, theatre administrator, and critic, Sharon Pollock has played an integral role in the shaping of Canada’s national theatre tradition. She continues to produce new works and to contribute to Canadian theatre as passionately as she has done over the past fifty years.

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