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Alberta Book > In the News: The Practice of Media Relations in Canada by William Wray Carney

In the News: The Practice of Media Relations in CanadaIn the News: The Practice of Media Relations in Canada by William Wray Carney (University of Alberta Press 2002, second edition 2008, digital edition July 2012) fast became my favourite book on media relations when it was first published. I featured it in the first issue of Since then In the News has become required reading in many university and college public relations programs across Canada. It offers a primer to media relations in Canada, from a practical, tactical and philosophical approach. Grounded in the latest research on how to work with media, it explains current media practices and demonstrates how to take a proactive, planned approach to dealing with media. The second edition ( 2008) is revised and updated containing two new chapters that outline emerging trends in media relations as well as connecting larger issues in media to its role in modern society. This fall, the University of Alberta Press will begin offering this seminal book on media relations in Canada as a digital download.

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Alberta Book > Cross Media Ownership and Democratic Practice in Canada

Cross Media Ownership - U of A PressCross Media Ownership and Democratic Practice in Canada published by the University of Alberta Press (April 2012) is first in-depth analysis of major French- and English-Canadian news companies to show the impact of cross-media ownership on the diversity of new content. Surprisingly, the study lays to rest fears over content convergence of newspaper and television network ownership by Canadian media giants Canwest Global, CTVglobemedia, and Quebecor. Content-sharing between newspaper and television properties of these giant companies did not occur. This leads the authors to examine why, and to assess problems that mass media in Canada will likely face in the coming years, particularly as newsrooms strive to adapt to new media and the online environment.

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Alberta Magazine > Eighteen Bridges Magazine edited by Curtis Gillespie and Lynn Coady

Eighteen Bridges Magazine - EdmontonEighteen Bridges: Canadian Creative Journalism Magazine is published twice a year by the Canadian Literature Centre at the University of Alberta and edited by Curtis Gillespie and Lynn Coady. It has well-earned rave reviews for its first four issues. This year, the first year it was eligible for magazine awards, it was nominated for 10 National Magazine Awards and 14 Western Magazine Awards. At the Gala for the National Magazine Awards on June 5, it won in the Arts and Entertainment Category for Don Gillmor’s article “All In.” The article, also nominated in Personal Journalism, examines the great career of the late Paul Quarrington, a 5-time National Magazine Award winner. On June 15, at the Western Magazine Awards, Eighteen Bridges walked away with awards in the Arts and Entertainment category — also for Gillmor’s article — received a Gold Award for Chris Turner’s article “Bearing Witness” and was celebrated as the Best New Magazine of the Year in Western Canada.

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Alberta Magazine Award Winners at the 2012 Western Magazine Awards

Western Magazine Awards 2012Eighteen Bridges, the “Alberta-based little-magazine-that-could” garnered serious accolade at the Western Magazine Awards on June 15 in Vancouver, bringing home gold for Best New Magazine as well as Magazine of the Year (Alberta/NWT). The magazine also took the Gold Award for Best Article (Alberta/NWT) with Chris Turner’s “Bearing Witness” and Don Gillmor’s “All In” written award for Arts, Culture, and Entertainment. Calgary-based Swerve magazine received awards for: Service for Bruce Weir’s “The Wedding Guest Manifesto”; Best Photographic Feature or Series for Todd Korol’s “Close Enough for you”; and Best Illustration or Illustration Feature for Byron Eggenschwiler’s work in “The Mouse & I: A Love Story.” Trade Magazine of the Year went to Venture Publishing’s Alberta Oil, which had recently received the Magazine of the Year award at the Kenneth R. Wilson Awards for the Canadian business press.

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