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Alberta Blog: Brendan von Son’s Adventures & Travel Blog

Brendan Van SonVoted as one of the Top 50 Travel blogs for 2014, Brendan’s Adventures started out as a forum for Brendan’s travel writing. However, over the years it has evolved into a travelogue of his adventures around the planet. From stowing away on an iron ore train in Mauritania to grizzly bear photography in British Columbia to hikes in Chile, the blog is adventure-focused and seeks to inspire readers to get out and explore the world.

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Alberta Political Blogs: and

electionsIf you live in Calgary or Edmonton and are looking for opinions, facts, forecasts and up-to-date information on the municipal elections on October 21, you’ll want to check out these two blogs: Calgary’s Vincent St. Pierre’s: and Edmonton’s Dave Cournoyer’s:

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Alberta blog:, Rebecca Klemke and Decades of Decadence

RKkitchen.comRebecca Klemke’s blog,, is “an ever evolving, interactive,choose-your-own-adventure-with-food experience.” Almost everything you see on the blog can be clicked on. So, bounce around clicking on things that intrigue you. She wants to be a conduit for happiness, like butter is to good food. As her motto for life goes, by all means, have fun! Although Rebecca is a one-woman show, food for her is not. For her, food is an all-encompassing life experience, as is being in the kitchen. Her blog is full of stories of epic eats and fabulous recipes.

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David Climenhaga: Candidate for St Albert City Council, Blogger and Community Builder

David According to the bio on his new, modern and very impressive election website: David Climenhaga currently serves as Chair of the Board of the St. Albert Public Library and he’s grateful to have been given the opportunity to play a leadership role in one of our community’s most popular and valuable public assets. He was particularly proud of the award-winning innovation and record use that have been the hallmark of the library’s service in the past couple of years. David has served as a volunteer member of the Board since 2008.

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Alberta Website: Calgary’s City and Press with a sister site in Edmonton

City and Press CalgaryCity And Press, a local site of, provides news feeds and blog feeds from Calgary. It has a sister site in Edmonton and in major cities across Canada and many more cities in the US.  Departments include: News, Busines, Sports, Arts, Dining, Living, Health and City Hall. To encourage original local content, City And Press has added a self-served news publishing feature. If you have a news story to tell, you can now publish it on City And Press at any time if you have an account.

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Marilyn Jones, Edmonton, Alberta ABOUT ME
I am Marilyn Jones, a news junkie with a penchant for publishing, politics, communications, gardening, hiking, reading, the arts and training nonprofit organizations in media relations and social media communications in Alberta (BA in English with Honours, U of A; Master of Publishing, SFU)