Film-AwardsThe Edmonton International Film Festival (EIFF) announced this year’s Jury Awards, chosen from an outstanding 2017 EIFF program  This year’s full festival line-up featured more than 150 films – short, documentary, dramatic and feature-length – curated from a record-breaking 4,000 submissions.This year’s two Grand Jury Short Film winners are now eligible for OSCAR consideration. The Award Winning Short Films screen on Saturday, October 7 at 10am in Landmark Cinemas. 

To honour the remarkable individuals who risk their worlds, and their lives, all first responders are invited to attend this screening for FREE!

When asked about the two (2) Grand Jury Awards for short films, Kerrie Long (Festival Producer) responds:

Where There’s Smoke is a mesmerizing glimpse into the trauma which, too often, is hidden by the amazing individuals who choose to be first responders.  Or does that work choose them?  Extremely timely given the unspeakable events this past week.  And the Jury Award for Animation, Skin For Skin is more than just another pretty picture – it’s history like you’ve never seen it!.

OSCAR Qualifying Shorts:

Grand Jury Award for Best Short Film (Live Action)

Where There’s Smoke – Director: Evan Ari Kelman (USA)

First-rate acting, direction, editing, sound design and camera work make Where There’s Smoke a winner.  A fine and fitting tribute to the fire fighters that it honors.”  Mike Davison (Juror). Conveys emotional turmoil with sublime subtlety.  A taut portrait of resilience. Carolyn Bennett (Juror)

Trailer: Where There’s Smoke – Short Film from Evan Ari Kelman on Vimeo.

Grand Jury Award for Best Short Film (Animation)

Skin For Skin – Directors: Kevin D.A. Kurytnik & Carol Beecher (Canada)

A breathtaking journey of imagination and style with spellbinding visual transitions.  A true tour de force of the animation art form.”  M.D. “Kick-ass revenge myth that re-imagines the Canadian fur trade.  Trippy and unforgettable.  C.B.

Skin for Skin (Trailer) from NFB/marketing on Vimeo.

Feature Film Awards…

2017 Feature Film Award for Best International Drama

For The Birds – Director/Writer: Quentin Krog (S. Africa)

2017 Feature Film Award for Best Canadian Drama

Black Cop – Director: Cory Bowles (Canada)

2017 Feature Film Award for Best Documentary

Romantic Road – Director: Oliver McGarvey (Canada)

2017 Wedgie Award for Best Comedy Feature

Public Schooled – Director: Kyle Rideout (Canada)

Short Film Awards…

2017 Short Film Award for Best Canadian Drama

The Undertaker’s Son – Director: The Affolter Brothers

2017 Jury Award for Best Alberta Short (Drama)

Oil Men – Director: Samuel Larson

2017 Jury Award for Best International Documentary Short

He Who Dances On Wood – Director: Jessica Beshir (USA)

2017 Jury Award for Best Canadian Documentary Short

The Last Ride – Director: Rick Skene

2017 Jury Distinction Award

Someone – Director: Marco Gadge (Germany)

2017 Jury Distinction Award

Gridlock – Director: Ian Hunt Duffy (Ireland)

2017 Jury Distinction Award

To Be Free – Director: Adepero Oduye (USA)

2017 Wedgie Award for Best Comedy Short

Serving Joy – Director: Martin Sharpe (Australia)

2017 Big Daddy Award for Best Family Short

My Irnik – Directors: Matthew Hood & François Lebeau (Canada)

2017 Brian (Hendricks) Award for Innovation

Late Season – Director: Daniela Leitner (Portugal/France/Austria

The 31st Edmonton International Film Festival (EIFF) is Sept. 28 to Oct. 7.  A not-for-profit, charitable organization, EIFF is an OSCAR Qualifying film festival and ranked by MovieMaker Magazine as a ‘50 Film Festivals Worth The Entry Fee’ (2015-2017).