NUTV-logoNUTV is the University of Calgary’s campus based television station. Started as a club way back in 1984, they became a society in 1991 and are funded by a student levy. They’ve produced a variety of community television shows over the years, winning various awards, and are currently releasing new content on their YouTube channel every Friday! NUTV fosters the development of industry standard media and related skills in its members, which can be applied to their education or careers.

NUTV members form a strong team where everyone feels respected and has the opportunity to participate in all aspects of media production. NUTV’s programming intends to capture the hearts, minds and imaginations of the students of the UofC.

The station encourages the campus community to become involved in NUTV in a variety of different ways whether it is operating a camera or being in their live audience. Follow them on Facebook for opportunities to be involved in their productions.

Every semester NUTV offers workshops with an aim to have something of interest for everyone. They offer basic sound, camera, and editing workshops, as well as writing, producing, and social media with industry professionals. If you have been previously trained, they also have advanced editing, live switching, live sound workshops available.

They have a great studio space equipped with everything they need to do live shoots, as well as pre-produced content. Studio lighting, tri-caster, sound boards, a variety of microphones and three HD cameras allow them to create content whenever and wherever they want.

NUTV has its own closed circuit television network in the heart of the University of Calgary Campus in MacEwan Student Centre. They play their own content and also strive to provide useful information to students. The Reel is NUTV’s advertising forum at the University of Calgary campus. Advertising is digital, print-free and eco-friendly. The Reel is made up of strategically placed 47’’ HD screens in high traffic areas of MacEwan Student Centre. The screens are on 17 hours a day, 7 days a week. An added feature on NUTV screens is closed captioning capability.

NUTV News Team



315 MacEwan Hall
Third floor
2500 University Drive NW
Calgary, Alberta
ph: 403-220-3392