The-Weal NewspaperThe first issue of the Emery Weal newspaper, or magazine as it was called then, showed up on March 18, 1926 as a four-page bulletin highlighting the school’s events. One copy was printed and passed around. When this proved impractical, the Weal was printed as a tabloid and sold for five cents. Since then, The Weal – the second oldest campus newspaper in Alberta – has gone through a series of changes.

It morphed into a stenciled legal-sized typewritten news-sheet in the ‘30s and ‘40s, a smaller typeset newspaper in the ‘50s and ‘60s, and returned to tabloid size in the ‘70s.

In 1984, the SAIT Students’ Association hired a non-student editor and formed an umbrella department to house all publications produced by SAITSA.

In 2000, the newspaper started using an abbreviated moniker; now “the Weal” is its flag and preferred pseudonym – yet the paper will always be the Emery Weal.

The Weal’s name comes from a strange combination of two words. When the paper was founded, “weal” was understood as one of three things: wealth; a sound, healthy or prosperous state; or a body politic. An emery wheel, made of emery powder, is used for grinding and polishing.

In the paper’s fourth edition the editors explained, “There is found in the title the suggestion of an abrasive for rubbing off corners and polishing up the personality – all for the common good.”

The paper largely maintains this mandate; to serve the SAIT community with a focus on students’ interests and needs.

The Weal Newsroom Staff 2016/2017

Chelsea Kemp - News Editor

Chelsea Kemp - News Editor

Ruwald De Fortier -  Entertainment Editor

Ruwald De Fortier -
Entertainment Editor

Lucas Taylor- Lifestyle Editor

Lucas Taylor- Lifestyle Editor

Brandon Wilson - Opinions Editor


Vanessa Stewart - Sports Editor


Katerina-Kotsaftis - Photo Editor

In preparation for the 2017/2018 academic year, The Weal is looking for an Editor-in-Chief. Interested or wondering just what an Editor-in-Chief does at a campus newspaper? Check out the job description:

Job Title: Editor in Chief
Reports to: Publications Coordinator
Position Type: Contract – One year, Hourly
Travel Required Minimal (Conferences, Training, Etc.)
Location of Work Campus Centre –SAIT Polytechnic Main Campus

Job Description:

Reporting to the Publications Coordinator, the Editor in Chief will be responsible for the overall production of the student-operated newspaper. This position’s primary focus is editing content for weekly newspaper (The Weal), the Survival Guide and SAIT’s Yearbook.

The Editor in chief is responsible for ensuring that the content of SAITSA’s publications are issues related to SAIT students that are interesting and valuable to the SAIT community.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Collaborates with volunteers, section editors and writers to craft stories.
  • Meets weekly with section editors and writers for critiques, training and problem solving.
  • Chairs weekly editorial meetings and creates a storyboard for layout and unique to each issue then communicates and enforces the schedule to section editors.
  • Responsible for publishing corrections in print and online editions of errors in paper.
  • Gives final approval of all pages before sending to printer.
  • Focuses on the details of each page of the newspaper, including photos,graphics, articles, headlines and columns.
  • Works closely with Publications Editor concerning content and appearance, including design and production.
  • Updates The Weal Staff Manual over the summer to guide new and returning staff in their respective roles.



  • Post-secondary education in a related field
  • Knowledge, skills and abilities
  • Have an interest in journalism.
  • Proven strong and highly evolved sense of ethical and moral integrity.
  • Responsible, mature and dependable.
  • Good knowledge of CP style, copy-editing and journalism mechanics.
  • Ability to accept and give feedback.
  • Strong understanding of our audience, their needs, interests and desires
    and a strong understanding of our brand.
  • Ability to manage and train volunteers and writers.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills
  • Proficiency in the use of computers
    • Word processing
    • E-mail
    • Internet
    • InDesign
    • Photoshop

Personal characteristics:

The Editor in Chief should demonstrate competence in some or all of the following:

  • Adaptability: Demonstrate a willingness to be flexible, versatile and/or tolerant in a changing work environment while maintaining effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Behave Ethically: Understand ethical behavior and business practices, and ensure that own behavior and the behavior of others is consistent with these standards and aligns with the values of the organization
  • Build Relationships: Establish and maintain positive working relationships with others, both internally and externally, to achieve the goals of thed sorganization.
  • Communicate Effectively: Speak, listen and write in a clear, thorough and timely manner using appropriate and effective communication tools and techniques.
  • Creativity/Innovation: Develop new and unique ways to improve operations of the organization and to create new opportunities.
  • Focus on Client Needs: Anticipate, understand, and respond to the needs of internal and external clients to meet or exceed their expectations within the organizational parameters.
  • Foster Teamwork: Work cooperatively and effectively with others to set goals, resolve problems, and make decisions that enhance organizational effectiveness
  • Leadership: Positively influence others to achieve results that are in the
    best interest of the organization.
  • Make Decisions: Assess situations to determine the importance, urgency and risks, and make clear decisions which are timely and in the best interests of the organization.
  • Organize: Set priorities, develop a work schedule, monitor progress towards goals, and track details, data, information and activities
  • Plan: Determine strategies to move the organization forward, set goals, create and implement actions plans, and evaluate the process and results.
  • Solve Problems: Assess problem situations to identify causes, gather and process relevant information, generate possible solutions, and make recommendations and/or resolve the problem.
  • Think Strategically: Assesses options and actions based on trends and conditions in the environment, and the vision and values of the organization.


1 or more years of journalism experience

Work Environment:

  • Working environment is primarily in a climate-controlled environment with minimal safety/health hazard potential. Sedentary, sitting, walking, occasional lifting, frequent reading and computer use.
  • Required to work some evenings/weekends for meetings, function attendance, and high demand periods.

Direct reports:

  • Section editors, writers, photographers and volunteers

Contact The Weal at: 

SAIT Students’ Association
Campus Centre, V219
1301-16 Ave. N.W.
Calgary, Alberta T2M 0L4