CJSR RadioCJSR is a volunteer-run campus and community radio station with a weekly audience of approximately 20 000 listeners. The station offers Edmonton’s widest range of programming from award-winning spoken word, through cultural shows, a famously eclectic programs and the BBC World Service. CJSR made its first FM broadcast on January 7, 1984—the first song was “You Turn Me On, I’m a Radio” by Joni Mitchell—but its roots stretch to the founding of CKUA in 1927.

That station, which was owned by the university until 1944 and whose studios were located at the Power Plant, provided the foundation and infrastructure for the creation of the University of Alberta Student Radio Directorate, the direct progenitor of CJSR.

The Radio Directorate, which changed its name to the Radio Society in 1948, broadcast over a closed PA system all over campus, and weathered funding cuts, format changes and a temporary shutdown due to lack of funds. By the ‘70s it had built an AM antenna—that could only broadcast as far as Lister Hall—and gained the call letters CKSR. In 1978 the station was renamed CJSR when a television station in Chilliwack wanted the call sign and the CRTC granted the request.

In 1983, after more than a decade of work, CJSR was granted an FM license at 88.5 FM, the furthest left the dial could go, and focused its attention beyond the university campus from where it still broadcasts. For the past 30 years, CJSR has been a voice for diverse communities not represented on radio anywhere else in the city: it broadcasts alternative news, cultural programming and underground music that cannot be heard anywhere else, with a strong focus on local culture.

CJSR has also long been a place of inclusion, where people of any age and background can learn the various aspects of broadcasting. From board members, to music librarians, technicians, organizers and on-air hosts, CJSR is proud to be volunteer-run radio dedicated to pushing the status quo.

Their programming provides a voice for marginalized communities and perspectives from across Edmonton, a home for underground music, and a place to push boundaries in terrestrial radio.

Nothing on CJSR is like you’ll hear anywhere else: the programming runs the gamut from environmental news, to heavy metal, to underground electronica, to LGBTQ news, to organ music, to the latest from Eritrea and wide-ranging Spoken Word programming.


For a more in-depth history of CJSR and public radio in Alberta, listen to our radio documentary “All Ears: A Shared History of CJSR and CKUA.”

Volunteer Orientation

When: Saturday, June 3 (12 – 1 PM)
Where: Room 0-55, Students Union Building, University of Alberta
Who: Brand new & prospective volunteers who want to learn what CJSR is all about.

Not a CJSR volunteer but want to be? CJSR Program Director Chad Brunet will guide you through the steps of volunteering at CJSR. Bring your questions!


Want to make great radio? Even if you’ve been a longtime volunteer, consider coming out to one of this month’s workshops. You’ll get a refresher on recording technique, story structure, or interviewing tips.

News Training

This June, News Training is being offered as a three-part workshop. All three sessions are mandatory to complete this training. Across these sessions, Generator’s Kennedy Pawluk and Oumar Salifou will give you hands-on experience in:

  • Basics of Interviewing
  • Basics of Editing in Hindenburg
  • Recording in Studio B
  • Post-production
  • Writing for radio

Part 1: Monday, June 5 (6 – 8 PM) – Room 0-31, Students Union Building, University of Alberta
Part 2: Monday, June 12 (6 – 8 PM) – CJSR World Domination Headquarters (Room 0-09), Students Union Building, University of Alberta
Part 3: Monday, June 19 (6 – 8 PM) – CJSR World Domination Headquarters (Room 0-09), Students Union Building, University of Alberta

By the end, you’ll have made a complete news story, and you’ll be able to present it on Generator, our new producer showcase!

Production Training

When: Wednesday, June 21 (6:30 – 9:30 PM)
Where: CJSR World Domination Headquarters, Students Union Building, University of Alberta
Who: New volunteers and existing volunteers looking for a brush-up
Join Production Coordinator Joe Hartfeil to produce an ad from scratch using recording program Logic Pro X.

Friends of CJSR Program

The Friends of CJSR Card is a discount card to local businesses available to volunteers and donors!  It’s their way of saying thank you for supporting local, independent radio in Edmonton. And, if you like local, independent radio, you’ll love local, independent businesses.

Want to get your own Friends of CJSR Card? Volunteer or donate!

Advertising on CJSR

Part of their mission is to challenge the status quo and they do it with everything that goes over their airwaves, including their ads. They create everything in-house for a consistent feel and they don’t take ads from just anyone. Also, they have special rates for local bands, non-profits, public service announcements, and local businesses.

To book an ad, email the Production Coordinator or call (780) 492-2577 ext 8. For a faster response, email is preferable. To ensure there is enough time to get your ad ready, book at least two weeks before the start of the proposed advertising campaign.

Check out their rates below:

Sponsor a show ($400/month)

Sponsoring a show will get you nine ads per week: twice during your show and one other time each day. That works out to about 36 ads per month, at only $11 per ad—and Friends of CJSR participants get a 50% discount. Sponsoring a show requires a minimum six-month commitment.

Promote an event ($400/two weeks)

Have a big event coming up you want to get the word out about? For the two weeks leading up to your event or gig, we’ll air two ads per day. That’s 28 ads in total at about $16 per ad.

Pay as you go ($30/ad)

Just need a few ads, or don’t want to commit to a timeframe? Why not pay as you go? Each occasion of an advertisement is only $30 using this plan.

Non-Profits and student groups ($50/two weeks)

For non-profit organizations and student groups with an upcoming event they offer a deeply-discounted ad rate—free. Well, okay, not free: all we ask is you cover the production cost, which is $50. But that gets you the same deal as anyone promoting an event: two ads per day for two weeks before your event. That’s 28 ads total.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Special (LOCAL ONLY) ($100/two weeks)

Are you a cool and local band with a new album coming out? Tell the masses with their Rock ‘n’ Roll Special: $100 gets you two ads per day, for two weeks. That’s 14 ads per week, 28 ads in total. Non-Rock ‘n’ Roll acts are more than welcome!

Public Service Announcements

Public Service Announcements are free for non-profits and community groups that need to get the word out about a public service or event. Email yours to psa@cjsr.com and we’ll try to get it on the list.

They also offer alternative advertising methods such as live remote broadcasts and the cost-effective option of live scripts being read on the air on a case-by-case basis. In the case of remotes, you’ll need to book the event at least one month in advance. To book an ad, email our Production Coordinator at production@cjsr.com or call (780) 492-2577 ext 8.

CJSR 88.5MHz
First Alberta Campus Radio Association
Room 0-09 SUB University of Alberta,
Edmonton, AB
T6G 2J7

Station Manager/Executive Director
Melanie Zaitsoff

Program Director
Chad Brunet

News Coordinator
Chris Chang-Yen Phillips

Music Librarian
Matthew Gooding

Production Coordinator
Joe Hartfeil

Miles Wilkinson

Arts & Culture Reporter
Oumar Salifou

Community Outreach Assistant
Frank Kim

(780) 492-2577