She-Has-Name FilmShe Has A Name is a sex trafficking story, based on a real event in 2008, when a locked, abandoned storage container was found in Thailand, containing 121 workers from Burma, 54 of whom were dead. The global sex trade industry makes $40 billion a year selling women, children, and men as much as 15 times a day for their bodies. Of the two million people the UN reports are exploited in the commercial sex trade every year, less than 1% are rescued. 

This heartbreaking story and the shocking statistics inspired the filmmakers to create She Has A Name to bring awareness to this global issue.

She Has A Name explores the global corruption that allows for human sex trafficking across borders and for criminals to thrive off of this industry. A global cast and crew, who collectively represent no less than 10 different nations, came together to make She Has A Name and raise awareness on the prevalence of sex trafficking throughout the world.

The film highlights the devastating toll that human trafficking of minors has on young lives, a global problem that’s fuelled by the demand for underage sex, organized crime, and political corruption. She Has A Name also brings awareness to the fact that risks are high not only for victims of the sex trade, but also for those people who are dedicated to rescuing victims from sex trafficking and rehabilitating them.

She Has A Name Isn’t Just A Film — It’s A Movement To End Human Sex Trafficking

Human trafficking is one of the most prevalent, violent, and destructive crimes committed globally. Rivalled by only the illegal drug trade, it’s a criminal enterprise that makes more than $40 billion each year by people who sell children, women, and men for sex and labour to others. The statistics are overwhelming. The UN estimates that 2 million children are exploited every year in the global commercial sex trade. In some instances, young girls are forced to sell their bodies more than 15 times a day. The average age of children who are forced into prostitution is 12 years old.

The trafficking of people for sex slavery is a very real, very human story, told every day in every part of the world. She Has A Name brings these victims’ stories to the forefront, telling the story of two young girls forced into unimaginable circumstances — one who escaped, the other hoping to get out. She Has A Name is a thrilling film that will not only spread awareness to audiences about the prevalence of sex trafficking, but also compels viewers to act to bring needed change for the millions of trafficking victims around the world who are waiting for help and rescue. By simply downloading the film, you and your friends will be helping to fund the fight to end human trafficking, and supporting the work of globally respected organizations that combat human trafficking every day.

Principal photography for the film took place in November and December of 2015 in various locations throughout Thailand. Post-production was completed in Red Deer, Alberta  at SHAN Film Inc’s production house The Space. The film is directed by Canadian filmmakers Matthew and Daniel Kooman from a screenplay by Andrew Kooman. Vietnamese-born Bob Nguyen is Director of Photography. The Kooman brothers, along with Donna Abraham, now based in the UK, and Canadian Shari Aspinall are producers and all have roots in Central Alberta. Lance Kadatz and Dean Kohut are Executive Producers

She-Has a Name Film

The film She Has A Name is an adaptation of Writer and Producer Andrew Kooman’s critically acclaimed stage play of the same name. The play had its World Premiere in Calgary, Alberta, and received continuous critical praise on its 2012 Canadian tour. The play continues to be produced in Canada and the United States, and is currently being translated into Spanish. She Has A Name the play is slated for an off-Broadway production in 2017.