radio-station-ratingsThe fall ratings for radio stations were released on December 7. In Edmonton: 102.3 NOW Radio rules the roost for A12+ posting an 11.9% share of hours tuned (down from 13.2%). NOW! Radio takes top spot for F25-54, delivering a 20.1% share (down from 20.3%). NOW also tops the list for M25-54 with a 12.4% share (down from 13.7%) followed by the Bear at 11.7% (down from 12.3%). For M18-34, Sonic leads the way posting a 15.2% (up from 14.8%). For F18-34 NOW! delivered an 18.8% (down from 20.0%).

In Calgary, NewsTalk 770 leads the way for A12+ with a 9.3% (up from 9.0%) tied with Country 107 at 9.3% (flat with last book). Country105 is popular with the ladies, taking #1 spot for F25-54 delivering a 12.4% share (up from 12.1%). For M25-54, XL103 is #1 with a 9.8% (up from 8.9%) followed by CJAY92 at 8.6% (down from 8.8%). CJAY92 takes top spot for M18-34 delivering a 13.6% (down from 18.7% share). Country105 is #1 for F18-34 posting a 14.3% share (up from 13.0%).

Edmonton PPMs: August 29, 2016 – November 27, 2016

Average Daily Universe: 1,188,000


Calgary PPMs: August 29, 2016 – November 27, 2016

Average Daily Universe: 1,263,000



Average Minute Audience (000): Expressed in thousands, this is the average number of persons exposed to a radio station during an average minute. Calculated by adding all the individual minute audiences together and dividing by the number of minutes in the daypart.

Average Daily Cume (000): Expressed in thousands, this is the average number of unique listeners who were exposed to the station for at least one minute during an average day. Calculated by adding the number of unique listeners each day and dividing it by the number of days in the analysis.

Share: Within a central market area, the estimated total hours tuned to that station expressed as a percentage of total hours tuned to Total Encoded Radio.

Average Daily Universe: The average daily universe for the analyzed period. The universe is expressed as daily averages because it changes slightly daily as the intab changes.

Source: NumerisPuget Sound and David Bray