Rosa-MarchitelliRosa Marchitelli is the Calgary-based reporter for CBC’s award-winning segment Go Public. She is a native Calgarian, who grew up in the city’s Northwest, graduated from the University of Calgary with a B.A. in English and then from Ryerson University in Toronto with a B.A.A. in Journalism. She got her first broadcasting job at CBC Calgary and then moved on to become Vancouver CBC News Anchor as well as reporter and producer. While her career has taken Marchitelli across the country, she’s now back in her hometown. 

In addition to being the Calgary-based reporter for CBC Vancouver’s news segment Go Public, she is also featured as a national correspondent.

Since joining CBC in 2001, she has worked as a reporter, producer and anchor. She also taught aspiring young journalists as a broadcast journalism instructor at the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

Rosa met her husband, fellow journalist Rob Brown, in an Edmonton newsroom early in her career. She was the consumer affairs reporter and he worked the night shift. The two self-proclaimed news nerds starting dating a few weeks after her arrival there and eventually married in 2003. They have three boys.

While they were both in Vancouver, working and anchoring for competing networks — Marchitelli hosting CBC News Vancouver at Six and Brown co-anchoring CTV News at Five for CTV British Columbia and also serving as the Vancouver bureau chief of CTV National News — they were hired by CBC Calgary as the first husband and wife co-anchor television news team in Canada. Their first assignment in September 2013 was interviewing personalities for a report on 100 days since the YYC Floods.

We were also part of the editorial group that chooses the stories that comes in during the day, review them, and how would we present them. It was important to be journalists and was the intention to be part of the deal and it’s what we wanted all along.

While Rob is still the host of CBC Calgary’s 6pm weekday news, Marchitelli is now the co-host of Go Public, an award-winning investigative news segment featuring stories that hold those in power accountable. Based out of Vancouver, Go Public stories are featured on all local and national CBC platforms.

According to Rob…

Rosa has a very keen sense of what stories people will be drawn to and what they will care about. It helps serve the entire newscast because unlike a lot of journalists who write or broadcast for other journalists in an inside baseball kind of way, Rosa never forgets who we are serving and why.

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