Christian-Radio-StationsAlberta boasts a number of radio stations that play predominantly Christian music: CIAM based out of Vermilion, CIHS in Wetaskiwin, CJCA and CJRY in Edmonton, CJLI and CJSI in Calgary, CJLT in Medicine Hat, CJGY in Grande Prairie, CKOS in Fort McMurray, and CKRD in Red Deer. Touch Canada Broadcasting, the largest operator of Christian radio stations in Alberta, launched the newest Christian station in Alberta on June 2015 with CJLI branded The Light broadcasting on 700 AM in Calgary.

Touch Canada Broadcasting, wholly owned by Charles R. Allard, now operates six Christian radio stations in Alberta under three different brands: three Shine FM stations in Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer, two The Light AM stations in Calgary and Edmonton and a Reach FM station in Grande Prairie. No stranger to the media landscape in Alberta, his father, Dr. Charles A. Allard, launched Edmonton radio station CHQT (now iNews 880 at 880 AM owned by Corus Entertainment) and in 1965 and went on to establish the first independent television station in Western Canada — CITV (now Global TV Edmonton owned by Shaw Communications).

CIAM | 92.7 FM | Fort Vermillion

CIAM RadioCIAM-FM is a community  listener supported, Christian radio station broadcasting at 92.7 MHz on the FM dial in Fort Vermilion, Alberta with a support centre in Edmonton and rebroadcasters throughout the province. With a tagline of “Bringing Good News to Canada’s People,” the programming features music programming, community events, local, regional, national & international news, sports, weather and syndicated spoken word content. The station broadcasts a minimum of 126 hours of station-produced programming in each broadcast week, including an average of 88 hours in English and a minimum of 32 hours in Aboriginal languages.

CIAM-FM | 92.7 FM | Fort Vermilion, Alberta
CIAM-FM-1 | 102.9 FM | Red Earth, Alberta
CIAM-FM-2 |95.5 FM | Buffalo Head/La Crete, Alberta
CIAM-FM-3 |94.1 FM | Watt Mountain/High Level, Alberta
CIAM-FM-4 |104.3 FM | Foggy Mountain/Caribou Mountain, Alberta
CIAM-FM-5 |101.7 FM | Weberville/Peace River, Alberta
CIAM-FM-6 | 94.7 FM | Hines Creek, Alberta
CIAM-FM-7 | 107.5 FM | Slave Lake, Alberta
CIAM-FM-16 |95.9 FM | Meander River, Alberta
CIAM-FM-13 |96.9 FM | Peerless Lake, Alberta
CIAM-FM-18 |95.5 FM |Manning, Alberta
CIAM-FM-12 | 91.5 FM |Cleardale, Alberta
CIAM-FM-17 | 96.9 FM |Chateh, Alberta
CIAM-FM-14 |95.5 FM |Wabasca, Alberta
CIAM-FM-15 |95.5 FM |Fort Chipewyan, Alberta

CIHS | 93.5 FM | Wetaskiwin

Radio StationCIHS RADIO broadcasts on 93.5 FM from Wetaskiwin, Alberta 24 hours, 7 days a week. The station operated by Tag Broadcasting and approved for a low powered radio licence by the CRTC in 2000 plays old-time country and country gospel music, blended throughout the broadcast day and week. While the station predominantly offers music, it also provides local news, weather and sports as well as daily rodeo reports, public service announcements, interviews, remote broadcasts and public interest stories. The station provides spoken word programming oriented towards the region’s older audience.

CJCA | 930 AM | The Light | Edmonton

CJCA RadioCJCA was Alberta’s first radio station when it launched on May 22, 1922 as an affiliate of the CBC. For most of its early life, it was a popular rock station. In the 1980s CJCA changed to an “all talk” format and, although it was successful for a short while the station, eventually went bankrupt and went off the air on December 1, 1993. Shortly thereafter, the rights to the station were purchased by Touch Canada Broadcasting and in April 1994 it returned to the air as a Christian station branded as The Light. The station’s mission is to “make a positive impact on peoples’ lives, offering encouragement through the gospel of Jesus Christ in song, praise and spoken word in a safe and fun radio environment.”

CJLI | 700 AM | The Light | Calgary

CJLI RadioCJLI was approved by the CRTC in 2009 and launched on June 29, 2015 by Touch Canada Broadcasting. The station features a Southern Gospel and Inspirational music format and draws a majority of its musical selections from non-classic religious content. The station broadcast 37 hours and 44 minutes of spoken word programming, including news, weather, sports and business reports as well as community updates each week. In addition, 28 hours a week is devoted to religious programming. CJLI has a sister AM station in Edmonton also branded the Light, CJCA at 930 AM and three FM stations branded The Shine in Edmonton, Calgary and Red Deer.

CJLT | 93.7 FM | Praise FM | Medicine Hat

CJLT RadioCJLT-FM is a Canadian radio station broadcasting at 93.7 FM in Medicine Hat, Alberta. The station, once owned by Lighthouse Broadcasting and branded as Power 93.7 FM, is now owned by Vista Broadcast Group and broadcasts a Christian format branded as 93.7 Praise FM with a tagline of “Uplifting Radio.” Morning host Jeff Michaels, joined by Warren Affleck, reports the latest in news, sports and weather, followed by ‘Today’s Family With Beth Warden’ in the mid-morning and Corinne Bolt as the drive home host. Vista Radio, based in Courtney, BC operates 41 radio stations in Canada, including one other radio station in Alberta, CFRI at 104.7 FM branded 2 Day FM in Grande Prairie.

CJRY | 105.9 FM | The Shine | Edmonton

CJRY RadioCJRY-FM is an FM Christian radio station that broadcasts on 105.9 FM from Edmonton, Alberta. The station uses the on-air brand Shine FM often with the tag-line “Safe and Fun for the Whole Family!”, referencing the core goal of the station, and mainly plays contemporary Christian music. Owned by Touch Canada Broadcasting, CJRY currently has two sister Shine FM stations: CJSI in Calgary broadcasting on 88.9 FM and CKRD in Red Deer broadcasting on 90.5 FM and two sister AM stations branded as The Light, CJCA in Edmonton at 930 AM and the newly launched CJLI in Calgary at 700 AM.

CJGY | 96.3 FM | Reach FM | Grande Prairie

CJCY RadioCJGY-FM is a Canadian radio station that broadcasts a Contemporary Christian format at 96.3 FM in Grande Prairie, Alberta. The station was launched by Touch Canada Broadcasting on December 3, 2007 as 96.3 Shine FM. In 2013, the station was re-branded as 96.3 Reach FM, although no change in format was made.  The station features a Gospel music format designed to appeal to listeners 25 to 44 years of age with approximately 92 hours per week of local programming, of which approximately 52 hours are produced separately and exclusively for the Grande Prairie station, at the Edmonton facilities of Touch Canada Broadcasting.

CJSI | 88.9 FM | Shine FM | Calgary

CJSI RadioCJSI-FM is a christian radio station that broadcasts at 88.9 FM from Calgary, Alberta. The station uses the on-air brand Shine FM, part of the Touch Canada Broadcast Network along with sister stations CJRY-FM in Edmonton and CJGY-FM in Grande Prairie. CJSI’s studios are located on MacLeod Trail South, while its transmitter is located on Old Banff Coach Road in the western part of Calgary. With a tagline of “safe and fun for the whole family,” the programming features artists like Third Day, Mercy Me, Natalie Grant, Toby Mac, Switchfoot and Lifehouse. Weekend specialty programs include the CT-20, The Sound of Light, 20 The Countdown Magazine, Hope in Anguish and The Heart of Worship.

CKOS | 91.1 FM| Fort McMurray

CKOS RadioThe station, operated by King’s Kids Promotions Outreach Ministries, broadcasts a Christian Hot Adult Contemporary/Contemporary Hit Radio music format targeting listeners between 18 and 34 years of age. At least 90% of all musical selections are drawn from content subcategory 35 (Non-classic religious). A minimum of 15% of all musical selections from content category 3 (Special Interest Music) broadcast each broadcast week are Canadian. The station broadcasts 15 hours of structured spoken word programming each broadcast week, including 4 hours of news and 6 hours of religious spoken word content.

CKRD | 90.5 FM | Shine FM | Red Deer

CKRD radioCKRD-FM is a new radio station that broadcasts a Christian radio format on the frequency 90.5 FM in Red Deer, Alberta. Operated by Touch Canada Broadcasting, the station has two sister Shine FM branded stations: CJRY  in Edmonton at 105.9 FM and CJSI in Calgary at 88.9 FM and two sister AM stations branded as The Light, CJCA in Edmonton at 930 AM and the newly launched CJLI in Calgary at 700 AM. In addition to CKRD, CBC and CKUA, Red Deer now has seven radio stations: CKGY  at 95.5 FM branded KG Country and CIZZ at 98.9 FM branded Z99 playing classic rock, both operated by Newcap Broadcasting; CKRI at 100.7 FM branded Cruz FM playing adult hits and operated by Harvard Broadcasting; CKIK at 101.3 FM branded Kraze FM playing top 40 and operated by LA Radio Group; and CHUB at 105.5 FM branded Big 105.5 FM playing hot adult contemporary and CFDV at 106.7 FM branded the Drive playing classic rock, both operated by the Jim Pattison Group.

Christmas radio stationsIf you’re looking for radio stations in Alberta that play exclusively Christmas music this time of year, check out Fresh FM at: and Capital FM at: in Edmonton and Kiss FM at: in Calgary.