Battle-AlbertaAn up-close look at the rivalry between the Calgary Flames and the Edmonton Oilers, told from the perspective of those that were there. Sports writer and on-air personality Mark Spector pays tribute to the province’s hockey heyday with a unique blend of humour and homage. In the 1980s, the province of Alberta was home to the two best hockey teams in the NHL. Thus began The Battle of Alberta, the historic struggle between the Edmonton Oilers and the Calgary Flames. In The Battle of Alberta, veteran sports journalist Mark Spector presents homage to the two teams that inspired one of the most bitter competitions in NHL history. Through exclusive interviews with coaches, trainers, and players, Spector provides an unbiased, often hilarious look at the brawls, the clashes, and the schemes.

A chronicle of an unforgettable time in hockey history (filled with never-before-seen photographs), The Battle of Alberta is guaranteed to entertain fans and educate newcomers alike.

Published by Random House
Pub Date: October 20, 2015
Hardcover: $32.95
eBook: $15.99

About the Author, Mark Spector

Mark SpectorMark Spector (born November 22, 1965 in Edmonton) is a Canadian sports writer and columnist He currently writes and covers a wide variety of sports with a focus on hockey for Sportsnet. Prior to working with Sportsnet, Spector was a reporter and columnist with The National Post, The Edmonton Journal and The University of Alberta student newspaper The Gateway. Spector also spent time co-hosting Total Sports on the Team 1260 with host Bob Stauffer. In 2014, Mark Spector founded the Mark Spector Golf Classic, an annual tournament held in Edmonton to benefit the local charity Sport Central.


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