Film-High-School-BrawlOnly one Alberta team remains in the Top 5 of the CineCoup Film Accelerator! The Edmonton filmmakers behind High School Brawl – Aaron Kurmey, Ryan Hatt, Kevin Johnson – will pitch their feature to a panel of industry professionals at the Banff World Media Festival on June 8 with the hopes to win a prize packages worth $1 million in production financing from CineCoup and a guaranteed release in Cineplex theatres. 

Film Synopsis:

The Noble Academy for Juvenile Correction. On the outside, it’s a state-of-the-art government initiative with a respectable graduation record. On the inside, it’s a prison ruled by gangs and lorded over by a dedicated principal, strict teachers, violent guards, and oppressive prefects.

Chester, a veteran prefect, suffers the humiliation of Decimation and is stripped of his status. Alone and vulnerable, Chester suddenly finds himself surrounded by enemies. With the noose tightening around his neck every day, Chester takes action and puts together a bold plan, recruiting four students to help him turn the tables on his tormentors and get revenge on those responsible.

Mission 1 Trailer:

About the Filmmakers:

Aaron Kurmey

Aaron Kurmey – Director/Writer

According to their website, this one’s the brains of the outfit. Or at least he likes to think he is. Aaron Kurmey never has a budget, but he’s always got a plan. If he’s got the will there’s always a way. Serving as the chief administrator of the project, and as the director, he’s the lead imagination.

Kevin Johnson

Kevin Johnson – Producer/Writer

 While enjoying both sides of the camera, Ryan Hatt spends most of his time working behind the scenes. He does everything from writing, to producing, to operating that boom-stick with the sound thing on the end. Hatt will tell you the first lesson of guerrilla filmmaking is to get used to multi-tasking. If you have only two jobs to do you then you have nothing to do.

Ryan Hatt - Writer/Producer

Ryan Hatt – Writer/Producer

 Kevin Johnson’s resume continues to expand with each project he takes on, always searching for something fresh to do and new to learn. But he still hasn’t found what he’s looking for. Outside his regular writing and producing duties, Johnson is currently honing his photography skills and helming the camera on High School Brawl.

About the CineCoup Film Accelerator Award

The CineCoup Film Accelerator is a disruptive studio model for indie filmmakers to develop, market and produce feature films. Filmmaking teams apply to CineCoup with a movie trailer then advance through a gamified selection funnel using CineCoup’s social web platform. Our model has been specifically designed to help filmmakers develop their projects and pitches by building fan support through online marketing while generating new creative content.

All filmmakers who participate stand to gain valuable audience feedback, social media savvy and a professional pitch package bolstered by fan support. The Final 5 projects will be optioned for development and one will be selected for (up to) $1 million (CDN) in production financing and a release in Cineplex theatres.

See more about the Award and the missions that High School Brawl has accomplished on their way to be a top five finalist at: 


Edmonton filmmakers Aaron Kurmey, Ryan Hatt and Kevin Johnson have been awarded $1M to make their action-thriller HIGH SCHOOL BRAWL. The team tied for first place in the CineCoup Film Accelerator and will be heading into production in 2016.

The announcement was made at the 2015 Banff World Media Festival on Monday, June 8. The Final 5 Teams were placed in the hot seat before a jury including: Michael Kennedy, EVP Filmed Entertainment, Cineplex Entertainment; producer Dan Goldberg (Meatballs, Hangover series); Susan Curran, Director of Marketing at Starz Home Entertainment, CineCoup executives and the top CineCoup fan.