Alberta Magazine AwardsThe Alberta Magazine Publishers Association announced the finalists for this year’s Showcase Awards, the recipients of the Achievement in Publishing, Editor of the Year, Volunteer of the Year and Best New Magazine awards and the shortlist for the Alberta Magazine of the Year Award. Winners to be announced on March 5 at the Awards Gala following their  annual conference.


The Showcase Awards Finalists:

Alberta Story

  • Alberta Venture Fare Trade – Max Fawcett
  • Alberta Views Game Changer – Arno Kopecky
  • Swerve Clap for the Wolverine Man – Michael Hingston
  • Swerve She Got Game – Marcello Di Cintio
  • Swerve The Fixture and the Hipster – Jeremy Klaszus

Art Direction Single Issue

  • Alberta Venture June 2014 – Kim Larson, art director
  • Avenue Edmonton November 2014 – Pete Nguyen, art director
  • Georgie Issue No 3 W14 – Nathan Marshall, art director; Neil Mota and Aaron Pedersen photographers
  • New Trail Winter – Marcey Andrews, art director
  • Western Living October Issue – Paul Roelofs, art director; Naomi MacDougall associate art director, Jenny Reed, assistant art director


  • Avenue Edmonton Stephen Mandel – Curtis Trent, photographer; Pete Nguyen, art director
  • Georgie Issue No 2 F14 – Nathan Marshall, art director, Aaron Pedersen, photographer
  • New Trail Autumn – Marcey Andrews, art director; Carl Wiens, illustrator
  • Up!Magazine The Food Guide -Teresa Johnston, art director; Erin Burns, photographer; Pierre Lamielle, food stylist
  • Western Living September – Paul Roelofs, art director; Evaan Kheraj portrait photographer

Digital Presence

  • Alberta Oil 10th Anniversary Tablet Edition – Ryan Girard, Kim Larson, Colton Ponto, Ben Rude, Jennifer Madole and Brent Felzien
  • Alberta Venture Pipeline Dialogue – Justine Hunter, Dee Hon, Andrew Findlay, Tim Querengesser, Jim Sutherland, Max Fawcett, Gunnar Blodgett. Art Direction; Kim Larson and Jennifer Madole
  • Avenue Calgary – Jaelyn Molyneux, web editor; Karin Olafson, assistant web editor
  • New Technology Magazine Multistage Fracking -Maurice Smith, editor; Cath Ozubko, art director; Jeremy Seeman, designer and web
  • Oilweek Oilweek Rising Stars -Dale Lunan, editor; Cath Ozubko, art director; Jeremy Seeman, animation; Christina Borowiecki, designer

Emerging Writer

  • Avenue Calgary From Calgary to Calcutta Without a Calendar – Andrew Guilbert
  • Avenue Calgary Volunteer Year – Madeline Smith
  • Glass Buffalo A Paragraph – Josh Greschner
  • Glass Buffalo A Tale of Two Forms – Peter Takach
  • Glass Buffalo On Living: A second draft – Andrew Moore


  • Avenue Edmonton Transporting into the Future – Omar Mouallem
  • FreeFall Neighbourhood Alzheimers – Bill Bunn
  • Swerve Children of a Lesser Santa – Omar Mouallem
  • Swerve Mums the Word – Colleen Seto
  • Swerve The Gospel of Fire and Mud – Russ Peters

Feature Design

  • Alberta Venture Guide to Professional Services – Kim Larson, art director; Jennifer Madole, associate art director
  • Avenue Edmonton Back in the Game – Pete Nguyen, art director
  • New Trail Best Summer Ever – Marcey Andrews, art director
  • New Trail Deconstructing Leadership – Marcey Andrews, art director
  • New Trail The Face of a Century – Marcey Andrews, art director

Feature Writing

  • Alberta Venture Dot -111 – Anthony Davis
  • Alberta Venture North By Southwest – Russell Cobb
  • Alberta Views Infectious Fear – Naomi K. Lewis
  • Swerve A Bridge too Far – Naomi K. Lewis
  • Swerve A Relationship goes Viral – Omar Mouallem


  • FreeFall The Bull of Heaven – Paddy Scott
  • Glass Buffalo Pearl – Bruce Cinnamon
  • Marker Utility – Caleb Caswell
  • On Spec Handcrafting – Anita Dolman
  • Prairie Journal The Royal Visit – Vivian Zenari


  • Avenue Calgary What’s Lost – Jon Krause
  • Alberta Venture Call of The Wild – Dushan Milic
  • Georgie Neil Young – Stavros Damos
  • New Trail Best Summer Ever – Katy Dockrill
  • New Trail Deconstructing Leadership- Carl Wiens

Photograph: Landscape, Still Life and Architecture

  • Avenue Calgary Merry Little Christmas- Julya Hajnoczky
  • Swerve Current Affairs – Bryce Meyer
  • Techlife Well Appointed Workspace – Blaise van Malsen
  • Western Living Steep Seclusion – Martin Tessler
  • Westworld Phantoms on Ice – Kurtis Kristianson, Spindrift Photography

Photography: People and Portraiture

  • Avenue Calgary Cultural Movement – Jared Sych
  • Avenue Calgary Stylish Roots – Phil Crozier
  • Alberta Venture Laws of the Land- Joey Podlubny
  • Alberta Venture The Fight of their Lives – Curtis Trent
  • Georgie Suzuki – Aaron Pedersen


  • FreeFall A Kindness of Bees – Cassy Welburn
  • FreeFall But I’m no one – Weyman Chan
  • Glass Buffalo Frog Lake – Erika Luckert
  • Glass Buffalo Mink – Fatima Fayad
  • Glass Buffalo What Do I know? – Liam Kay


  • Avenue Calgary Artists Adrift – Shelley Arnusch
  • Avenue Edmonton Stephen Mandel – Omar Mouallem
  • New Trail Making News – Curtis Gillespie
  • New Trail Ray Muzyka’s Next Chapter – Omar Mouallem
  • Swerve The Long Journey of Nathan Phelps – Marcello Di Cintio


  • Alberta Venture The Money Book – Max Fawcett
  • New Trail Best Summer Ever -Scott Rollans, Lisa Cook, Wanda Vivequin, Karen Sherlock, Marcey Andrews, art director
  • Swerve It’s Your Funeral – Rita Sirignano
  • Western Living Ultimate Okanagan – Neal McLennan, Evelynn Takoff, Jim Sutherland
  • Westworld Toys of Summer -Kirsten Rodenhizer, Editor
    David Claydon, Art Director, Tracy Hyatt, Associate Managing Editor,
    Shauna Rudd, Assistant Editor

Achievement Award Winners:

Editor of the year

Steven Sandor – Editor, Avenue Magazine Edmonton

Steven SandorWhen Steven Sandor joined the Avenue Edmonton team in 2010, his role was to help build readership and establish the magazine’s brand. At the time, monthly issues of Avenue Edmonton were running an average of 68 pages. Four years later, in 2014, Avenue Edmonton regularly ran to more than 100 pages, and last year saw the largest issue ever, at 180 pages. But page count only tells part of the story, Steven cares about his community and is dedicated to creating stories, in print and online, that will engage and challenge readers to have a greater stake in their city. Steven is known for his leadership, his innovation, his thoughtful and challenging mentorship of writers and his dedication to maintaining their unique voice as he provides editorial guidance. In addition to his editorial leadership, Steven is a strong advocate for the larger publishing industry. He serves as an AMPA board member, and represents the periodical industry to Access Copyright, talks about industry opportunities to students from junior high to post-secondary, and is called upon regularly for his commentary in the broadcast media.

Volunteer of the year

Jennifer Schmidt-Rempel

JenJennifer Schmidt-Rempel’s volunteer commitment to her community, the magazine industry and the development of magazine professionals is reflected in the myriad boards, committees and initiatives to which she is a contributing member. As Publisher and Editor for Lethbridge Living magazine, Jenn not only leads a successful publication, but parlays her nearly two decades of magazine experience into effective and impactful volunteer efforts wherever she turns her attention. She has served on the AMPA board from 2010 to 2014, including three years as President of the Association, and acted as an effective advocate with elected officials on issues critical to the industry as both an AMPA and Magazines Canada board member. She has helped to drive the industry agenda and to bring important concerns forward to key decision-makers. Her contributions extend from engaging with post-secondary students embarking on magazine careers to lending her time and talents to initiatives aimed at creating and building a stronger Lethbridge community, from arts and culture to business and industry.

Achievement in publishing

Chris Bird – Publisher, Fly Fusion Magazine

Chris_BirdThose who know Chris Bird describe him as passionate and innovative. They say he is a forward-looking, committed, hardworking role model who is an effective and vocal advocate for Canadian magazines and publishers.With nearly 20 years in the industry, Chris started in magazine advertising sales for Kootenay Business Magazine, but his entrepreneurial spirit soon prompted him to head out on his own when he founded Bird Marketing Group in 2001, which, in turn, launched Fly Fusion Magazine as a supplement to a fly fishing trade show. Quickly realizing the magazine had tremendous promise, over the next 10 years he steadily built Fly Fusion into an undisputed market leader in Canada and the U.S.At the same time he has successfully navigated the transition from a traditional print model to a multi-channel, digital world, from online and social media, to television programming and a successful international film festival. Fly Fusion Magazine remains at the core of the business, driven by his emphasis on quality. Chris is also a builder in the industry. He is known for challenging the status quo in ways that create a better atmosphere for small publishers. He is a member of the AMPA board and can be counted on to advocate new ways for publishers to build their businesses and ensure that magazines maintain and grow their strong voice in our culture. .

Best New Magazine


GW_spring15GrainsWest is an Alberta-based magazine with a focus on Western Canada’s agricultural sector. Co-published by Alberta Barley and the Alberta Wheat Commission, GrainsWest is an award-winning quarterly magazine connecting farmers, food and ideas. The magazine itself evolved out of a simple idea—engage with farmers. Within one year and with a stack of published issues to show for it, the mission was accomplished. However, reaching out to farmers remains the ongoing mandate of this farmer-driven publication. As long as farmers are in the fields, GrainsWest will continue to bring the timely stories that matter to those who call the hinterland home. GrainsWest provides in-depth insight and analysis into the grains industry, while also looking at the people shaping modern day agriculture in Western Canada. Three times a year, GrainsWest keeps Western Canada’s farmers up-to-date on the latest, most innovative ideas coming out of Canadian agriculture. Every September, this is complemented with a food issue, which fills a gap between farmers and consumers, capitalizing on Canadians’ renewed interest in this vital industry.

Magazine of the Year (Shortlist)

  • Avenue Calgary
  • Avenue Edmonton
  • Glass Buffalo

The Showcase and Achievement Award recipients will be celebrated at the Alberta Magazines Award Gala on March 5, 2015 at the Carriage House Inn, Calgary.

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