CBC TV EdmontonCBXT, known as CBC Edmonton, broadcasts out of their downtown studios in Edmonton. They produce four regional newscasts from its Edmonton city centre studios each weekday, including three half-hour programs between 5pm and 6:30pm and late night news at 11 pm weekdays, Saturdays at 11:30pm and a five minute bulletin on Sundays at 10:55pm. They also produce an hour long magazine-style program called Our Edmonton that broadcasts on weekend mornings and again on Monday afternoon.

CBC’s weekly Our Edmonton program has 49 original weekly shows, with every minute shot on location. A sweet accomplishment for Host, Adrienne Lamb and her co-producer, John Robertson, who teamed up over a year ago to create and produce the new show. “We would consider it a failure if we had to shoot a minute in our studio – it’s all about exploring Edmonton,” says Adrienne.

You can watch the show Saturdays at 10 am, Sundays at 11 am and on Monday afternoons at 1 pm. With 44.02 minutes of air time to fill each week, the content comes from a variety of places. Some of it comes from the daily morning or evening news. Some ideas come from the production team (Adrienne and John), and many ideas are contributed by viewers.

For example, the January 17 show covers ways that Edmontonians deal with winter – Brrr!

There are common elements that are considered when choosing host sites and stories for the show:

  • Is it local – within the greater Edmonton region?
  • Is there a sense of happening – something new, an anniversary, or a new development?
  • Is there a visual component? (After all, it is TV!)
  • Is there a sense of connectivity – what resonance is there from one community to the rest of the city?

Despite having defined those elements in general terms, all ideas for Our Edmonton are given serious consideration. “If an idea won’t work for us,” says Adrienne, “I always think about what other program might make use of it; then I refer it to the right person.”

Once a topic is chosen, it’s usually a 6-week lead time before it airs. Pitching an idea is as easy as e-mailing Adrienne: ouredmonton@cbc.ca. Each week Adrienne asks, “Where would you like us to explore next in Our Edmonton?”

With the recent announcement that CBC is cutting their supper hour television news broadcasts from 90 minutes to 30 minutes in Edmonton and Calgary in the fall of 2015, Our Edmonton will become an even more important vehicle for CBC to reflect the Edmonton community.

See video archives of recent shows of Our Edmonton and CBC Edmonton’s other programs at: http://www.cbc.ca/edmonton/programs.