Brendan Van SonVoted as one of the Top 50 Travel blogs for 2014, Brendan’s Adventures started out as a forum for Brendan’s travel writing. However, over the years it has evolved into a travelogue of his adventures around the planet. From stowing away on an iron ore train in Mauritania to grizzly bear photography in British Columbia to hikes in Chile, the blog is adventure-focused and seeks to inspire readers to get out and explore the world.

Brendan van Son is an adventure travel writer and photographer from Alberta, Canada. He boasts to have travelled to well over 60 countries, set foot on 6 different continents and to have been completely nomadic for the past four years.

It’s not hard to believe his impressive boasts you check out his post from December 31, 2014 of his best travel photos from 2014.

As a professional travel photographer with extensive experience as both an international tour leader and tour guide, he also offers photography workshops and tours on location. These photo tours are not just a typical photography tour, done with a bunch of camera equipment. Rather these trips have an emphasis on improving photography skills allowing participants to gain some on the ground experience, build some images for their portfolio, get an insight into the business of travel photography, and also see some amazing places.

Brendan’s next photography workshop takes place in Peru in May 2015. Another one is planned for Patigonia in October 2015. Read more about Brendan, see more of his photography and check out his upcoming workshops at:

On a cold winter day in Alberta in January, it’s some consolation to know that despite the many options he has to choose from that Brendan still calls Alberta his home.

You can check out what he’s up to now at his Twitter profile  (52 K followers), and his Facebook  page (44 K likes), and his Instagram  page (15 K followers) and his YouTube account  (2,500 subscribers).