adrienne-lamb CBC TV EdmontonAvid curiosity and dogged determination are just two of the many attributes that Adrienne Lamb, CBC Host and Producer brings to the popular Our Edmonton TV show. Her path to the show is a windy one.Once she was awarded her Masters in Journalism from Western Ontario, she journeyed to Thunder Bay in 1991 and lived with her sister. She kept life and limb together teaching and working retail part time. When an opening was advertised at CBC Television, she showed up in reception for five days straight and sat there until the producer agreed to see her.

On Friday he gave her a chance. She started as a tech, directing the morning show and reading the sports.

After a stint in New Brunswick, she and her family moved west to Edmonton in 2001. Here, Adrienne has done all the jobs on the shop floor at CBC. No stranger to “serious” journalism, she’s won awards with stories about the BSE (Mad Cow) crisis and the Edmonton connection to the war in Afghanistan.

Adrienne views Our Edmonton as a healthy dose of community. “No story is beneath us if the public is interested,” she says. Her biggest joy in creating the show with John Robertson, her video journalist and co-producer, is that she gets to do something that no one else does.

On location, we’re able to go out into the community and explore on behalf of those who aren’t able to. Edmonton is a big, growing, and vibrant city – we get to explore it all.

Story ideas come in from everywhere – CBC staff, call-ins, tweets, mail, photos, and contests. For example, one viewer wrote in wondering what the view from the legislature dome was like while under construction. Since Adrienne’s list of contacts is bigger than Radar O’Reilly’s rolodex, she found the right people, got the necessary approvals, and off they went, camera in hand.

Watch the show for your invitation to contribute ideas. At the end of every show, Adrienne asks, “Where would you like us to explore next in Our Edmonton?”

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