CKMP radio CalgaryOn August 1, Calgary’s AMP radio at 90.3 FM swapped its conventional Top 40 format for the new QuickHitz format and a new slogan: “Twice the Music.” With the new format, Top 40 songs are edited to run around two minutes instead of the more typical three or four minutes thus delivering “twice the music in half the time.” AMP now plays 24 songs per hour instead of the normal 12 it used to play.

With 24 song slots every hour QuickHitz is designed to deliver the top hits in a heavy rotation, with plenty of room left to introduce new songs to the audience. Young people tend to use radio as a source for finding new music. QuickHitz makes it possible for them sample songs quickly in shorter periods of time.

Even the commercial breaks are brief, averaging nine minutes an hour instead of the typical twelve.

“A lot of people can’t detect the music has been edited, “said Hillary Hommy,  vice-president of brands and networks at Sparknet Communications, a Vancouver-based consultancy that developed Quickhitz. Sparknet typically provides radio stations with a library of Quickhitz songs and advice on how to implement the concept.

The new QuickHitz format was born in 2005 and launched for the first time in the US last September. AMP is the first radio station in Canada to follow this format. You can check it out at: