Banff Centre RadioLaunched on June 23, 2014, Banff Centre Radio  (CJXB | 101.1 FM in English & 103.3 FM in French ) explores mountain culture,  life in Banff National Park, and provides information on events, roads, weather, and trail conditions for locals and visitors alike. Hosted by members of the Bow Valley community, program topics include art, politics, ecology, indigenous culture, environment, local history, science, sport, health and wellness.


Both English and French stations showcase the activities, ideas and art created every day at The Banff Centre and there’s a lot to showcase.

The Banff Centre Radio team is headed by Senior Producer, Dominic Girard, who oversees a team of nine producers, presenters and researchers. Before Banff Centre Radio, he was producing CBC Radio’s Day 6 – and is one of that program’s founding producers. Before that, he worked on CBC’s The Current. To quote hime from the media release announcing the station’s launch:

Banff Centre Radio is a community focused network with a goal of serving the community we’re in and the three million-plus visitors that come here every year. The expert guests we will feature on air, and the people of the Bow Valley who will share their stories through us, will truly reflect why we live here and why so many choose to visit.

Girard is joined by  Julia Pagel, associate producer, who spent her twenties working as a wilderness guide, paddling the rivers of northern Ontario and Yukon. After receiving a journalism degree from Kings College she worked for CBC, reporting news in Halifax and producing radio for As It Happens.

Meg Wilcox, show host and producer, comes to the Banff Centre from the CBC, where she’s produced, reported and hosted for TV and radio throughout Canada. She hosts Rocky Mountain Morning, Banff Centre Radio’s flagship live morning show: 60 minutes of live interviews, music, commentary, news and information.

Evelyne Asselin, the French program producer, spent six years as a videographer, journalist, editor, radio and TV host, and producer at Radio-Canada Alberta.  An avid cyclist and outdoor enthusiast and also serves as a sports reporter for the morning show.

Paul Malcolm, producer and enginee,  has worn quite a few hats before signing on  for the start-up station. According to his bio, he has “booked movie premieres in Hollywood, fed endangered wild cats in the Mojave desert, plunged into the BC’s cold depths for the Vancouver Aquarium” and produced segments for the CBC’s Q with Jian Ghomeshi (including the notorious Billy Bob Interview).

About The Banff Centre

The Banff Centre is the largest arts and creativity incubator on the planet. Our mission is inspiring creativity. Over 8,000 artists, leaders, and researchers from across Canada and around the world participate in programs at The Banff Centre every year. Through its multidisciplinary programming, The Banff Centre provides them with the support they need to create, to develop solutions, and to make the impossible possible. Moving forward, the Centre will disseminate the art and ideas developed in Banff using new initiatives in digital, web, radio, and broadcast media.

About Banff Centre Radio

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission granted two radio programming licenses to The Banff Centre in July 2013. The application was made to continue and build on the operations of the two Park Radio information services stations, which had been on the air for 17 years under the management of the Friends of Banff National Park fellowship. The applications were made with the full support of the Friends, of members of Banff Town Council, and of community stakeholders.

Banff Centre Radio 101.1FM is an English-language station and will explore mountain culture and life in Banff National Park. It is targeting the local resident with community focused programming, and is enticing Banff’s three to four million annual visitors with a mix of cultural programming, tourism information, and music. Expect to hear everything from local ski conditions to what it’s like to summit Mount Everest, or come face to face with a mountain lion.

Radio Banff Centre 103.3FM is a French-language tourism information service, providing timely and relevant information to visitors about what’s happening in the Bow Valley, as well as the resources visitors need to navigate Banff National Park and enjoy everything it has to offer. A portion of the programming will be dedicated to French-language interviews with artists and newsmakers.

Banff Centre Radio is available in Banff, Canmore and Lake Louise and online at: