publishing intensivesJoin the Alberta Magazine Publishers Association (AMPA) for three magazine publishing intensives, two in Calgary — a Sales Intensive on August 18 and a Cultural/Small Magazine Intensive on September 13 and in Edmonton a Design Intensive: Revitalizing Your Magazine’s Design from Process to Cover on August 19. Workshops cost $200 for non-members, run from 10 to 4:30pm and include lunch.

AMPA SALES INTENSIVE | Calgary | August 18

Learn how to bring success to your integrated sales strategy in today’s media landscape. This full-day power session will include an in-depth look at what to consider when creating and developing a highly valued integrated program that’s right for your magazine.

Session topics include:

  • How advertisers’ expectations are changing in today’s media landscape
  • Incorporating multiple media platforms: mobile, digital, print, events, social, sponsorships, promotions and contests
  • Using integrated programs to position print products
  • How to price and measure the success of your program
  • Maximizing industry relationships to drive integrated sales solutions
  • Increasing awareness through cross promotion – proprietary and external
  • Innovative ways to increase market share

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 AMPA DESIGN INTENSIVE | Edmonton | August 19

The day begins with Bob Hambly presenting ways to reassess and reenergize both your own design efforts and those of your team, by considering three dynamics essential to the creative process: constraints, contribution and creativity.

Morning session topics include:

  • insight on the power of constraints to the creative process
  • mind mapping and design briefs
  • working with editorial team and working with freelancers
  • sharing ideas and tolerance of ambiguity
  • intrinsic and extrinsic motivation

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This one-day intensive will provide an opportunity for publishing professionals at small, cultural and literary magazines to explore new solutions for growth. The day will include case studies, tools and working models for how to maximize opportunities to monetize the various elements of your publication’s unique audience and brand.

  •  Session topics include:
  •  Sales and marketing
  •  Subscription growth
  •  Events and brand extension
  •  Digital: social media, web, e-newsletter, digital editions and getting into the app/mobile space

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About the Alberta Magazine Publishers Association

The Alberta Magazine Publishers Association (AMPA) sustains a healthy and thriving magazine industry by serving the people who publish, create, print and distribute a uniquely Albertan view of the world. Through a combination of advocacy, promotion and professional assistance, AMPA works to nurture Alberta’s magazine industry and foster its continued development.