Blog Your News WorkshopBlogging has been part of the media landscape for well over a decade. From personal journals to big corporate marketing, the medium has matured to become a central role in communications. The power of blogging has been especially recognized by nonprofit organizations. Done well, blogging can bring a myriad of benefits to a nonprofit organization of any size. Central to the success of any blog is a thorough understanding of the technology, the various  extensions available and, of course, an editorial plan.

This workshop covers how to quickly, easily and successfully launch and maintain a WordPress blog. You’ll learn how to use themes, widgets, plugins and basic HTML to design a blog to mirror the look and feel of your website or to use WordPress by itself to build your website. You’ll see how to use your blog to recruit enewsletter subscribers, online donors, and supporters on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and other social networks. Starting from the most basic to the more advanced techniques, this seminar thoroughly explores the WordPress toolset.

Participants learn how to insert images and videos into blog posts, monitor stats and comments, and strategically create Pages. Blogging best practices in terms of post frequency, tone, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are also thoroughly explored.

The session closes with a discussion of 25 blog post styles and 15 blog content ideas so you’ll never struggle with ideas for content and will enable you to maintain a well-designed, consistent and effective blog for your nonprofit organization.

You’ll learn to:

  • Identify and understand your target audience
  • Develop a blog editorial content plan
  • Install, upgrade, and set up the WordPress software
  • Find and explore and assess great plug-ins
  • Create custom menus and include widgets and sidebars
  • Know the difference between Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor, and Subscriber roles
  • Use keyword tags and categories
  • Share to Facebook, Twitter, and other networks
  • Use Google Analytics and RSS feeds
  • Develop compelling and strategically targeted content that is aligned with your mission and marketing objectives.
  • Optimize your content for search engines
  • Explore the many ways you can generate ideas for blog posts and other social media content
  • Choose and modify beautifully designed themes
  • Share and practice ways to bring new energy to your writing
  • Create “searchable” content using well-chosen keywords, tags, and other tools
  • Invite colleagues to share their perspectives
  • Learn how to promote your blog to attract readers and develop a loyal following
  • and much more…

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Are you interested in taking this workshop but the date doesn’t work for your schedule? Book a three hour one-on-one private training session for yourself and/or for your team at your office, mine or online. Fees start at $275 per person and $150 per person thereafter. Call 780-695-5675 for more information and to book a date that better suits your schedule.