email newslettersDespite the popularity of social media, email newsletters remain the most powerful, least expensive and most important marketing tool for nonprofit organizations. They are a cost-effective way get the word out and attract the resources needed to promote your mission, products or ideas. An enewsletter is easier, cheaper and faster to produce than a printed newsletter. And, you can incorporate two way dialogue so your readers can communicate with you! They might even send you money!

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to plan, format, write, design and edit a newsletter for electronic delivery as well as the options for managing your subscriber list, locating service providers, distributing your enewsletter, avoiding spam filters, and generating reports on reader responses. You’ll leave the workshop with helpful pre-launch, launch and post-launch checklists, an editorial plan as well as the design and organizations tools you will need to create an engaging, professionally designed enewsletter without any previous electronic publishing experience.

You’ll learn to:

  • Create the most effective format for your readers
  • Discuss how content, style, tone & design differs from a printed newsletter
  • Craft an editorial plan to keep the creative juices flowing
  • Design and format your newsletter for electronic delivery
  • Prepare your newsletter for mobile and other platforms
  • Create templates to speed up the process and ensure consistency
  • Evaluate three service providers – free and paid
  • Create, build and manage your mailing list
  • Integrate your email newsletter with social media and other communication initiatives
  • Embed social media tools & syndicate your content
  • Repurpose your content on multiple platforms
  • Distribute your newsletters in an instant
  • Ensure spam free deliverability
  • Track your newsletter’s readership
  • Survey your readers and analyze their responses
  • and much more…

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Are you interested in taking this workshop but the date or location doesn’t work for your schedule? Book a one-on-one three hour private training session for yourself and/or for your team at your office, mine or online. Fees start at $275 per person and $150 per person from the same organization thereafter. Call 780-695-5675 for more information.