Edmonton-MuseumCreated by the Edmonton Heritage Council, the interactive, mobile-friendly and colourful website at: citymuseumedmonton.ca is designed to collect and share stories of the people, places, things and moments that have shaped the city of Edmonton over time. Its goal is to establish a virtual museum of local memory by providing a hub for Edmontonians to read and share curiosities and tales.

In an interview with Andrea Ross of the Edmonton Journal,  David Ridley, Executive Director of the Edmonton Heritage Council commesnted that:
Anyone can contribute memories that shaped their perception of the city, and a wealth of memory exists within the residents who grew with the city.  The idea was to develop a city museum, and we think this project will give enough leeway and scope for people to talk about, think about and reflect on interesting things in Edmonton. It all contributes to a stronger sense of place, of Edmonton, of what our heritage and history is.

Plans are to update the website weekly with stories submitted by Edmontonians. Local heritage writer Lawrence Herzog, historian laureate Danielle Metcalfe-Chenail, poet Jannie Edwards and artist Wendy Gervais all contributed stories to the website, which launched this July. The stories currently featured are short snapshots from the each author’s personal experiences in Edmonton, or a look back at iconic city monuments.

Ridley points out his observations about Edmontonians and his hopes for the website project’s future:

There’s increased interest in the sense of who we are, what’s the experience here, what’s unique. I’m hoping this website and this project is something that participates and plays well with all those things.

Edmontonians are invited to contribute their own stories to the project at citymuseumedmonton.ca/contribute.