Nordly Film Festival CamroseOn February 14-16, 2014, film-lovers from across Alberta will gather in Camrose, Alberta, for the 5th annual Nordlys Film & Arts Festival. Taking place in the historic Bailey Theatre on Main Street, the festival combines award-winning films from around the world with live performances by talented musical guests, including a Saturday night headline concert.

Nordlys (which means “northern lights” in Norwegian) will present a spectrum of nine films from around the world, including two Alberta films: Gently Whispering the Circle Back by Beth Wishart MacKenzie, commissioned by Blue Quills First Nations College and The Auctioneer by Hans Olson and Clark Banack, produced by Bonnie Thompson/NFB.

Throughout the weekend, a line-up of musicians will add to the festive atmosphere. Saturday evening, February 15 will feature a concert with The Once, an award-winning folk trio from St. John’s, Newfoundland.

“It is a marathon weekend of movie-watching and appreciation of the arts,” says Steven Hansen, a founding member of the Nordlys Film & Arts Society. “And like most marathons, Nordlys leaves our festival-goers feeling like they covered a lot of ground,” says Hansen. “Firstly, we take them on a trip that spans continents and cultures, showing them first-rate films from around the world—and then we enhance that experience with great live music between the films.”

There is simply no festival like Nordlys,” says the society’s president, Michelle Reshaur.  “We now have a track record of putting together a spectacular program, and every year we try to find ways to improve on the last one.

“Nordlys,” is powered by a passionate group of community volunteers and has received generous support from community sponsors.  And like the aurora borealis, the festival continues to inspire and transport its audience.

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