MasterChef Canada CTVThe biggest culinary competition in the world has come to Canada with home cooks from all over Canada, including seven chefs from Alberta, compete to earn the coveted title of MasterChef Canada. MasterChef Canada is Canadian version of the U.K. series, which also has versions in 400 other countries around the world and ranked the most popular TV program in Australia.   On U.S. broadcaster Fox, Gordon Ramsay has been a MasterChef judge for four seasons, and a kids’ version of the series, MasterChef Junior, debuted in September 2013.

This is a format show, so there are certain format and guidelines that have to be followed. But what really makes it our very own show is the fact that we have Canadians from east coast to west coast, from all walks of life,” says Bonacini, one of the three judges. “We are using Canadian ingredients from east coast to west coast, and a number of the challenges have a unique Canadian spin to them. So it really is a taste of homegrown Canadiana.

The six chefs from Alberta competing for the title of MasterChef Canada are: Dora Cote @dorathedistroya Occupation: Plumber Currently Resides: Rocky Mountain House, Alta. Signature Dish: Deconstructed Blueberry Pudding Cake with Caramel sauce Dora is an old school cook who loves to work with lard, butter, and all of the traditional good stuff. She is a tough woman, working in a career surrounded by men, but if anyone can handle it, she can. Dora loves cooking for her friends and family, and hopes to one day own a modest eatery where she can make people happy all day long. Fabian Suckoo Occupation: Merchandiser Currently Resides: Calgary Signature Dish: Ackee and Saltfish served over boiled dumplings and plantain Born in Jamaica, Fabian has been cooking Caribbean food his entire life with his grandmother and mother. Having immigrated to Canada four years ago, Fabian worked very hard for two straight years to bring his four siblings and mother to this country. He eventually succeeded and is very proud. His food dream is to one day own a Caribbean restaurant so that he can cook all of the food he grew up with and share it with the people from his new home country. John Chung Yin Leung @JohannesLanger Occupation: Radio Operator Currently Resides: Calgary Signature Dish: Korean Style Steak with 60 minute kimchi, sesame beansprouts and rice John comes from a Chinese family of foodies, so he has a lot of knowledge about Asian cooking techniques. His father worked in a Hong Kong restaurant while John was growing up, so food has always been a big part of his life. He has a true passion for cooking and a dream of one day owning a food truck that serves dim sum and elevated Cantonese cuisine. JP Lessard Occupation: Wine Representative Currently Resides: Irricana, Alta. Signature Dish: Quails 2 Ways with Barley Pilaf and Tomato-Green Bean Salad Growing up in his father’s restaurant, JP was introduced to cooking at a very early age. He spent hours at home practicing his technique, and although he loves his life, he would give it up in a second to be Canada’s first-ever MasterChef. His dream is to one day open a high-end diner-style restaurant. Peter “Bubba” Smith @PeterVinceSmith Occupation: Sales Manager Currently Resides: Calgary Signature Dish: Chili Pepper Chocolate Steak with grilled asparagus and roasted fingerling potatoes Learning everything he knows about food and cooking from his mother and his grandmother, Peter is determined to succeed in her honour. She sadly passed away last year and he owes everything he has learned to her. Peter cooks home-style but is intrigued by international cuisines. His food dream is to open his own diner or food truck. Tammara Behl @ChefTammara Occupation: Special Needs Teacher Currently Resides: Calgary Signature Dish: Vegetable Samosa with tamarind chutney and sweet and spicy green mango chutney Tammara loves to play with ethnic ingredients and travels a lot in the hopes of expanding her palette. As a teenager, Tammara’s life took a hard turn when her mother was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and her father passed away. Tammara was forced to become fiercely independent, which turned her into a skilled cook. MasterChef Canada premieres tonight on CTV.