Shawna Randolph CTVShawna Randolph is one of Edmonton’s most trusted and well-known media personalities. Over the course of her career she has received numerous awards including the 2005 Consumer’s Choice “Woman of the Year” award for business excellence and the 2012 Summit Award (National Animal Care Awards) for communications.

She earned an Honours Diploma in Television Journalism from NAIT’s Radio & Television Arts program in 1991 and then worked as a reporter and news anchor for CTV Edmonton for ten years.

In 2001, Shawna launched a new career in public relations as the Senior Public Information Officer for the City of Edmonton’s Transportation Department where she was for four years. In 2006 she created the City of Edmonton’s Media Relations Unit and was its manager for two years. In 2008 she started the Shawna Randolph Communications company. Her main clients were the Edmonton Humane Society and the City of Edmonton.

Now Shawna is back on television every weeknight co-hosting CTV’s Alberta Primetime.

CTV hasn’t changed, but my opportunity, my role has changed. What I’m doing is different. Before there was more pressure, tight deadlines, more stress.” The demands on Shawna’s time got to be too much. “Now it’s fun. I enjoy interviewing people, and I work with a wonderful, relaxed crew. The area we work in is calm and quiet. Quite different from the hustle and bustle of daily newsroom. I can see and feel the difference.

Prior to accepting the position, Shawna spent five years as the media relations consultant for the Edmonton Humane Society, “a not-for-profit dealing with life and death and high emotions.” “I loved working at EHS. It was a difficult decision to leave. Whatever I do I want to make sure I’m making a difference. Now I’m just doing it in a different way by educating people about issues affecting Alberta.”

Because this position is part time, Shawna is able to continue with some freelance consulting projects and, most importantly, balance work with family time. Having that balance and being able to do what she loves drew Shawna to the position.

I have a passion to tell stories and to help Alberta’s newsmakers tell their stories. I’m interviewing Alberta’s unsung heroes, people who are doing remarkable things.

In addition to Shawna’s new role at CTV she has taken on another position “I signed up with my kids to be a volunteer cat cuddler at the Edmonton Humane Society.” Embracing two of her passions—animals and story-telling—Shawna makes a difference one cat, dog or story at a time.

Do you know of an unsung hero in your community making a difference you would like Shawna to know about? Send her an email at or contact her at Watch Shawna in action on Alberta Primetime airs every weekday at 6 pm and 11 pm on Channel 9 in Edmonton and Channel 13 in Calgary.

by Rhonda Skinner a freelance writer and editor based in Edmonton at