Gauntlet Newspaper U of CThe Gauntlet is the official student newspaper of the University of Calgary and published since 1960 most Thursdays throughout the year by the Gauntlet Publications Society, an autonomous, incorporated body. Membership in the society is open to undergraduate students at the University but all members of the university community are encouraged to contribute articles and story ideas.

Editorials are chosen by the majority of the editorial board. Letters must be typed, double-spaced and received by Monday at 4 p.m., and must include the author’s name, student ID number (f a student at the U of C), telephone number and signature. All letters should be addressed to “Editor, the Gauntlet,” and be no longer than 300 words. They also accept story pitches by email directed to the appropriate editor.

In addition to paid and free advertising opportunities (they offer three line classified ads for free), The Gauntlet offers other media publicity opportunities for arts, authors and nonprofit organizations in their news and entertainment sections in the paper and on the website.

The Gauntlet
Room 319, MacEwan Students’ Centre
University of Calgary
2500 University Drive NW
Calgary, AB T2N 1N4
Phone: (403) 220-7750
Fax: (403) 282-3218

Circulation: 6,000 from September to April, 3,000 per week May to August
Frequency: weekly, all year round
Publication day: Thursdays  

Editor-in-Chief: Susan Anderson
Phone: 403-220-7752

News Editor: Riley Hill
Phone: 403-220-4318

Entertainment Editor: Sean Sullivan
Phone: 403-220-4376

Sports Editor: Curtis Wolff
Phone: 403-220-4376

Opinions Editor: Tobias Ma
Phone: 403-220-4376

Features Editor: Salimah Kassamali
Phone: 403-220-4376

Advertising Manager: John Harbidge
Phone: 403-220-7751

Three Lines Free Editor: Arlene Lai


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