Magnetic ConnectionsKyle Armstrong’s 13 minute documentary film, Magnetic Reconnection, was awarded the $10,000 EIFF’s $10,000 prize at their opening night gala on September 27. The film contrasts the Northern Lights with decaying debris littered throughout the landscape in Canada’s Arctic.


With the aim of building an emotional connection between citizens and their watershed, the film was produced with the assistance of Calgary scientist Dr. Trond Trondsen, the film documents the regenerative power of nature and the futility of mankind’s struggle against the eventual processes of decay.

Featuring an original score by Jim O’Rourke (Sonic Youth, Wilco) a voice-over by Will Oldham (Matewan, Old Joy) and some of the best footage of the aurora borealis ever captured.

The film received its premiere at AFI Fest 2012 and has since been selected for SXSW 2013, the 51st Annual Ann Arbor Film Festival, True/False Film Festival, Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, received a Jury’s Citation Award from the touring Black Maria Film Festival, was selected for the Art Galley of Alberta’s 2013 Alberta Biennial of Contemporary Art and opened the 2013 Nordlys Film Festival.

As a filmmaker, Kyle Armstrong predominantly focuses on short, non-narrative film. Working with super8 and 16mm, as well as lo-fi video, Armstrong frequently uses hand-altering film techniques, employing bleaches, dyes, scratches, and paint to alter both his own footage and found films. His works have been screened at various galleries, during live performances and in traditional cinemas across Canada.

His films are influenced by filmmakers as diverse as Stan Brakhage, Hollis Frampton, Bela Tarr, Alexander Sokurov, Guy Maddin and Andrei Tarkovsky.

Kyle has been working with Guy Maddin on the acclaimed director’s Hauntings/Seances project as a “deputized” director, 2nd Unit Director and visual manipulator. In 2012, he was a recipient of the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Emerging Artist Award.

MAGNETIC RECONNECTION | TRAILER from karmstrong on Vimeo.

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