Common Chord the movieFilmed in Lethbridge, Alberta, produced by George Gallant and written and directed by Deric Olsen, Common Chord, is an independently produced 90 minute feature film that chronicles the story of a young man coming to terms of being a father after the tragic death of  his daughter’s mother,  his ex-girlfriend.

The story goes like this…Kyle Foster struggles to accept the responsibility of being a father to the young daughter, Teigan, who they had together. Amidst pressure from Teigan’s grandfather Bill for legal custody and Kyle’s desire to pursue his dreams of being a professional musician, he strives to find his way.

As the details of their complex history emerge, the pain and resentment Kyle and Bill feel for each other blinds them to the love they share for the little girl who connects them. As their unwillingness to reconcile threatens to tear her away from both of them forever, their journey becomes an odyssey of redemption, commitment and forgiveness as they discover what is most important in their lives.

Common Chord Official Trailer from Northbound Studios on Vimeo.

Common Chord has its world premiere at the Calgary International Film Festival on September 27 at 7pm at the Globe Cinema.

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