RKkitchen.comRebecca Klemke’s blog, RKkitchen.com, is “an ever evolving, interactive,choose-your-own-adventure-with-food experience.” Almost everything you see on the blog can be clicked on. So, bounce around clicking on things that intrigue you. She wants RKkitchen.com to be a conduit for happiness, like butter is to good food. As her motto for life goes, by all means, have fun! Although Rebecca is a one-woman show, food for her is not. For her, food is an all-encompassing life experience, as is being in the kitchen. Her blog is full of stories of epic eats and fabulous recipes.


This summer Rebecca published Decades of Decadence, a cookbook she put together with her Grandmother. It is the story of her family’s culinary history – more specifically, it is the story of the food that has shaped Rebecca Klemke and family.

This 300-recipe cookbook features the food she eats on a regular basis; the food she grew-up eating. She claims it is the means to who she is, how she looks, and why she feels existence is full of abundance and endless opportunity.

For Rebecca, the blog and then the cookbook began as an after-hours hobby. They tell the story of a journey her and her Grandmother committed to while her Grandmother was going blind. While Rebecca attended university, they spent countless hours over three years transcribing  hundreds of classic and most cherished family dishes, her Grandmother’s recipe boxes, in an attempt to preserve the legacy of er family’s anthology of recipes legibly… and hear some juicy stories along the way!

The recipes have been passed down for generations and acquired from family and friend’s travels of the world. With a massive data bank of recipes and Rebecca’s love for cooking and fine food, she naturally began doing test kitchens and made every excuse to turn traditional holiday feast, nightly dinners, you name it, into food photo shoots.

When she deliberately decided to create Decades Of Decadence, Rebecca focused on producing a book of high-quality, something hot and enticing that could really help people eat better, feel better, and idealistically become better players in the world. She views food as a “conduit for memorable experiences”, and believes that “good food is a key ingredient to great living.” The RKKitchen.com blog and Decades Of Decadence is Rebecca’s means to share her experiences with good food and great living.