Galleries West MagazineLaunched in 2002, and published three times a year since then by Tom Tait out of Calgary,  Galleries West magazine strives to heighten awareness of the visual arts scene in Western Canada. The magazine features art galleries and art exhibitions in Winnipeg, Brandon, Saskatoon, Regina, Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge, Red Deer, Medicine Hat, Victoria, Vancouver, Kamloops, Kelowna, Penticton and art galleries and art exhibitions in smaller centres of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Yukon and Northwest Territories. Professionally written, accessible features on regionally relevant issues and events, profiles of art makers, critical essays, online exhibition reviews and detailed listings of fine art galleries serve to stimulate, engage, entertain and enlighten art-interested readers including artists, collectors and dealers across the West.

Most artists profiled in Galleries West are involved in a gallery exhibition during the publication period of the given issue. The magazine provides timely information for readers by highlighting noteworthy exhibitions happening in the four western provinces.

The Galleries West cover profile is generally reserved for rising to mid-career artists who are creating a buzz. Garnering acclaim and recognition within their own realms, these artists may not yet be widely known across the region. The magazine’s intention is to help spread the word!

Other feature-length profiles focus on prominent artists of significant reputation including tribute to Western Canada’s distinguished senior artists.

The Previews & Profiles section provides short, easy-to-skim write-ups on emerging to mid-career artists exhibiting across the region.

The Reviews section offers longer commentary on exhibitions which occurred in Western Canada during the preceding four month period. These reviews are posted to the website immediately after they are written, often while the exhibitions are continuing.

In each issue, Galleries West provides insight into some aspect of art making or into issues, ideas or events relevant to the Western Canadian visual arts scene.

The First Impressions feature offers news items pertaining to the art scene in Western Canada: accomplishments, awards, unveilings, major publicshows, major and unusual events and anecdotal tidbits.

The Galleries section provides listings for some 250 fine art galleries, peppered with gallery-related ‘tweets’ including new gallery openings, moves, closings, personnel changes, anniversaries, festivals and artwalks.

Galleries West editorial content is managed separately from advertising. Editorial choices are made by the Editor and are not for sale. However, the Editor is always on the outlook for ideas and suggestions. It’s never too early to contact the editor. Maybe your idea won’t work exactly as presented, but it might stimulate other possibilities. Detailed planning for a given issue begins at least three months before publication.

Tom reports that the fall 2013 issue is now on the drawing boards and will expand to 76 pages from 68 pages for the last issue so things seem to be looking up the magazine. The next issue features Cochrane’s Maureen Enns who has gained renown for her conservation related work in Canada and abroad. Her work exists in significant public and private collections and she is the recipient of over 30 regional and national art grants and close to a million dollars of sponsorship assistance for her research.


Editor: Portia Priegert
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Publisher & Director of Advertising:  Tom Tait
phone: 403-234-7097
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