Crossroads TVCrossroads Television System, or CTS, is a privately held Canadian television system with stations  in CKES in Edmonton, CKCS in Calgary and CITS in Hamilton, Ontario. CTS airs predominantly Christian-based religious programming, most notably 100 Huntley Street (the longest running daily Christian television program in Canada), The Michael Coren Show and LIFE Today with James & Betty Robison, as well as other religious and faith based programming, along with syndicated reruns of family-oriented mainstream programming such as Happy Days, Full House and The Waltons. This fall their lineup will also include: Larry King Now, Family Feud and Marie Osmond.

CITS, launched in 1998, was the second religious terrestrial television station launched in Canada, after CJIL-TV in Lethbridge, Alberta. Both Alberta-based stations launched on October, 2007.

CTS airs programming intended for family viewing, mostly based on Christian values, including dramas, comedies, mini-series and talk shows; although CTS also features shows on political commentary and other religions, including Judaism, Islam and Sikhism. It is administered by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) Religious Broadcast Regulations and follows a policy of not airing shows containing “coarse language, gratuitous violence or explicit sexual scenes.”

The Crossroads organization reports broadcasting faith and values programs to over 50,000,000 North Americans. Their initiatives include a Christian charity that produces faith and values media content for television and assisting their viewers on their spiritual journey, and television stations that broadcasts religious content to Canadian viewers and partners with the Comstar faith and values networks in the USA

On a combined basis each week, Crossroads produces over 20 hours of original faith and values content while broadcasting 168 hours (24/7) of religious and family entertainment programming.

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For more info about CTS, call Carolyn Innis, Communications Manager, at 780-433-3118 extension 2265 and/or check out the CTS website.