Senior Lifetimes NewspaperThe Senior Lifetimes newspaper has been published by Edmonton’s Town Hall Media since the fall of 2010. What makes Senior Lifetimes different from the Edmonton Senior, the only other Edmonton newspaper designed to appeal to the 60 + crowd is that all the articles are written by readers. The articles typically reflect the brighter side of life by readers sharing life experiences, memories and advice with others. Town Hall Media called it Senior Lifetimes “because it’s about the times in the lives of those of us who have the richest and deepest pool of memories to draw from.” They print 10,000 copies four times a year and circulate the newspaper for free at senior centers, legions, libraries, community and bingo halls, shopping centers, doctor’s offices and other high traffic areas. Advertisers can request a bundle of newspapers be delivered to a location of their choosing.

The May – July 2013 issue was a healthy 28 pages with a crossword puzzle taking up the entire back page and written in text size that doesn’t require a magnifying glass. The full colour centrespread of painted sunflowers and pansies features a fairly lengthy article on gardening in which the writer reminisces about planting and maintaining a garden with her mother in the 1930s and two of her garden club friends in the present day.

The editor accepts stories from seniors through e-mail or snail mail that are easy to follow and have a clear beginning, middle and end. They reserve the right to proof and edit the articles for readability, grammar and length, but they will not change the content. They do not reserve rights to any of the stories published and they do not guarantee that every story that is submitted gets published.

Topics that seem to be popular in the current and back issues of the newspaper are:

  • Home renovations
  • Recipes
  • Travel
  • Memoir
  • Gardening
  • Pets
  • Household Tips & Tricks
  • Health

If you send in photographs or other articles to be scanned, include a return envelope and stamp if you want them back.

You can email your story to or send by snail mail to:

Town Hall Media
#7, 9912 109 Street
Edmonton, Alberta
T5K 1H5
Phone: 1-855-303-6020
Fax: 780-426-6306