OIl-Calling“Oil Calling”, is a new 23 minute documentary by Edmonton-based Brandy Yanchyk about new immigrants and Canada’s oil patch. The film follows five new immigrants from Nigeria, Eritrea, Northern Ireland, China, and Kyrgyzstan who have been chosen to participate in a highly competitive training program offered by the resettlement agency, the Calgary Catholic Immigration Society. For the last ten years the CCIS has been receiving up to four hundred applicants each year but can only select sixteen people to participate in the program. The film will show what happens to them on the course, why they want to work in the oil and gas industry and whether they are successful at getting jobs in the oil patch.

The film’s trailer:

“Oil Calling” – a documentary about new immigrants and Canada’s oil patch. from Brandy Yanchyk on Vimeo.

“Oil Calling” will debut on CBC’s Documentary Channel on Friday, June 7 and Monday June 10th.

See the “Oil Calling” website for more information including selected subjects and crew members.

About Brandy Yanchyk

Brandy Yanchyk is a Canadian filmmaker and journalist who lives in Edmonton, Alberta. She has produced, directed and written five documentaries about immigration around the world. Her films have won awards at many international film festivals. Ms. Yanchyk is also a regular reporter on BBC World TV’s travel program FAST TRACK and has been working as a TV and radio reporter for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for over a decade in Edmonton, Toronto and London, England. She is currently in production on a new documentary called “Finding Edge Road” which is about how an influx of asylum seekers in a small town in Finland is causing major friction.

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