Radio RatingsThe latest PPM Radio Ratings for November 26, 2012 to February 24, 2013 were released on March 9, 2013. In Edmonton: 102.3 NOW! Radio rules the roost for A12+ posting a 12.0% share of hours tuned (up from 11.1%). NOW! Radio also takes top spot for F25-54, delivering a 14.8% share (up from 12.9%). With another hat trick NOW! also tops the list for M25-54 with a 15.9% share (down from 17.3%). For M18-34, NOW! posted a 17.3% (down from 20.3%) followed by the Bear at 14.2% and Sonic 102.9 with a 12.2% share. In Calgary: QR77 leads the way for A12+ with a 10.4% share (up from 9.6%). Country 105 is popular with the ladies, taking #1 spot for F25-54 delivering a 14.3% share (down from 15.3%). For M25-54, XL103FM leads the way with a 9.4% share (up from 7.1%) followed by CJAY92 with an 8.5% (down from 11.7%). Country105 takes top spot for M18-34 with a 14.8% share. Country 105 is also #1 for F18-34 posting an 18.1% share (up from 15.3%). For more details see David Bray and Partners.